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Laurel Oaks Apartments
2700 Laurel Hollow Drive, Leesburg, FL 34748
2 User Responses

This is NOT somewhere you want your family living! The complex is full of drug dealers. You can see drug deals going down any time of the day. It is not safe there. The property is not kept up to high standards, not even moderate ones. The stairs/stairwells are filthy. You track this dirt into your apartment every time you go inside. You can't sit outside with your children because the smell of marijuana blows freely off the balconies. Complaints to management about this go unanswered. Complaints about anything go unanswered. --------, who works in the office is just an awful woman. -------, the property manager quit because she was afraid to do her job. She was afraid of retaliation from the delinquents who are allowed to live at Laurel Oaks. Everything is constantly broken: pools, computers, equipment in gym and most importantly, the gates. The exit gate is always broken so any one can drive onto the property through there. When it is working "guests" drive right through the resident gate once a resident scan there card. ANY ONE can get in. There is a side walk leading right into the entrance also one all the way to the right side of the property. This side walk is out of sight so who knows what goes on over there. Noise complaints go ignored. If you call in the police for a noise disturbance they don't even take it seriously. Maintenance does nothing but ride around on their golf carts all day. They don't fix anything! They are shady characters who you wouldn't want in your apartment anyway. They tell you there are breed restrictions on dogs - small dogs under 25 pounds are permitted but they allow all types. Even pitbulls. Pest control comes out weekly but roaches from the neighbors apartments will still raid yours. It's disgusting.

RUN AWAY very quickly and find some where else to live.

Last Updated: 11/07/10
Some of what your post states is true. I don't think ------- left because she was scared to do her job. She got a better paying position else where. The maintenance does take a while to fix things, yes; however the maintenance man "------" is good at getting things done in a timely manner. -------- has her ways, but she tries her best and does the best she can. I don't always agree with the way things are done at Laurel Oaks but for the most part the apartments are nice. I do not have a roach problem, I am an extremely clean and sanitary person. I have children ranging from elementary age to high school age and they are all honor students well mannered. I agree with you in that they need to do something about the cleanliness in the stairwells, and the smell of cigarettes and marijuanna. Perhaps fine people if they have video surveillance then they know who the culprits are. The gate is broke quite frequently and folks do tailgate coming in the gate but I think thats with most apt complexes. I think the rent is a little high and it's a little like living in a dictatorship because you only have one option of internet cable and phone service through the apt complex called monnbean communications and it all has to be tied into your rent. They are not separate bills, u cannot pay ur rent and not ur cable internet or phone because they're all inclusive in the rent. Other than those things Laurel Oaks is okay, not the greatest and not the best. I give it a grade B- or C . It really depends on how you live and how you guard yourself, your family, and your possessions. I am an introverted person who keeps to herself and observes. I do not move anywhere trying to make friends and be the popular one on the block or worry about being liked and I teach my kids the same thing. We are not anti social, we all just choose to stay out of MESS and drama! Hope that helps and clears up some confusion, doubts, or any mixed feelings about moving to Laurel Oaks. All the best.
I live at Laurel Oaks and have for about a year, I love it here. The girls in the office are so respectful and will help you with anything.I have lived at other apartments in Lessburg and I believe Laurel oaks is by far the best. I am willing to give you my email address if you have any questions. neonpickgumball@yahoo.com Come see for yourself. I lived in Orlando at a very expensive complex and Laurel Oaks is cheaper and I get alot more.. My apartment is big and I have ceramic tile floors nice kithchen appliances...

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