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Museum Walk Apartments
2315 Pine Tree Dr, Miami, FL 33140
3 User Responses

This place is horrible. It's infested with termites, there are thousands of termite babies everywhere. Our window ledges and floors were covered with the dead ones. We didn't have a refridgerator the first two weeks we lived there. The gas line leaked in our apartment, so we had to pull the stove out of the wall, turn the gas valve on, light the pilot and then push the stove back when we wanted to cook. It stank like gas until the valve was turned back off. This is highly dangerous and it was brought to the attention of the staff several times but nothing was done. The ceiling is so daamaged with water and mold that it pours water into our bedroom when it rains. The mold, stains and the stench is disgusting. Our closet cieling actually collapsed. This they came for-and covered over with cement with promises to fix the rest of it. No one ever came back to fix the roof which is the real problem. We had the hot water shut off for 5 days with no explanation. The grounds are covered with dog poop and cats run amok. the laundry room has 6 dryers, only 3 actually work and no attempt has been made to fix them. I've lost so much money in the washers and dryers but they won't give it back to you. People are so loud all the time, I actaully had to call 911 once when I heard a screamimg fight and a man threatened to kill a woman. I did not feel safe there. DO NOT LIVE HERE!The place was condemned after Wilma but they don't tell you that. Obviously they did the bare minimum to make it inhabitable but since is termite infested, the rumor is it will be condemned again. One minor tropical storm or even bad thunderstorm and the roof WILL collapse.

i live there too and am going to take these people to small claims court id like to keep in contact with you perhaps you can help me out.
take pictures of everything....even the notices from the city turning off the water etc...call code compliance and ask for a copy of their reports...i am going to small claims court to fight for my security deposit back after dealing with this rat and mold infested nightmare....its the law that they must give you 100% of your security deposit back within 30 days after move out and they have 15 days to claim any damage and notify you about what % of the deposit they are keeping and why...the lawyer i consulted said it was pretty cut and dry...they lost their right because they didnt claim anything in the allotted time. we will win. nevermind all the leaking roofs, turned off water, shower that didnt work (took showers at the gym for almost a year)rats, mold, old refrigerators blocking the hall (fire hazard=call code compliance)etc.! when we moved we called them numerous times and they every time promised that our check would be waiting for us in the office...it never was there and the phone # we were given of the manager always went to voice mail...finally my boyfriend went, sat and waited b/c the manager was "not there". finally he came and they both went up to the apartment. apparently they never even looked at it after we moved, and this was way after 30 days. i had even sent them a letter with our new address and # asking them to contact us if they were going to claim anything. my mistake for not doing a certified letter, b/c they deny recieving it.the apartment had never been opened or cleaned or anything...it was moldy and leaky just as we left it (b/c they dont fix, they just patch)we tried to repaint the walls but the water damage was so bad that we couldnt paint everything. they knew this. then the mamnger said "im not giving you back anything, get a lawyer"...they do this to scare you away...dont be scared...so many of my neighbors lost their deposits b/c they didnt want to deal with getting a lawyer...we didnt have to ....not with small claims court, but my neighbors didnt know this. i didnt either until i researched it.fight for your money. if everyone just leaves with out a fight they will keep fooling people into horrible apartments and no one will ever do anything to stop them and the vicious cycle continues. if we all stand up, hopefully some organization or something will take notice....hell, even maybe "help me howard" can help and call attention to this disgusting place. if anyone wants to know the steps i took to find out if i had a case or wants to know about small claims court, please ask me, and adversely, if somebody knows of some kind of organization or person to contact about shutting this slum down (b/c these are not safe living conditions)let me know...my name is kat....katrina1977us@yahoo.com is my email
Oh, we're fighting, and we have pictures. Funny you mentioned rats-I forgot about the 3 dead ones at the bottom of my steps this morning. I also forgot to mention the lady underneath us had to move because she got carbon monoxide poisoning-I assume from the leaky gas valve. And the apartment next to hers actually had the ceiling cave in...I assume from the water damage. There is literally water running down our bedrom walls and into the apartments below. Can't wait to officially move out...and we're going right after the owner of the property. The managers and the workers in the office are just his minions.

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