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Portofino at Biscayne
14000 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33181
1 User Response

I am a college student so I chose to rent at Portofino at Biscayne because of the rent special. I quickly learned that I made a big mistake, I cant wait to leave and I only been here for a couple months. My apt is so loud, my neighbor plays loud music all the time, every morning someone above me is nailing something to the walls so it sounds like there nailing in my room. This place is so ugly, everyone makes fun of me and says that I live in the ghetto. I also wake up to sounds of construction trucks beeping at 6am. It always smell like dog, and there is no sense of security. The only positive is that I never seen a bug in my apt, and the closet is big. Oh and what really pissed me off is that they have no moving elevator so moving in and out is a pain, they have these mini elevators, I guess they were expecting midgets with mini furniture to move in these places. I had a beautiful living room set and I couldn't move it in here bc the elevator was to small. So now I have no living room furniture, and I do not care anymore bc its less stuff I have to move when I get the f**K out of here. It is obvious they do not care about their residents their just looking for cheap ways out. Well I say you get what you pay for, I would not pay more than 700 a month for this place. Next place I move I will spend more money for something that is nice and comfortable. Do not move here!

Hi there, I have also only been living here for a few months, and I agree to a certain extend. Yes, this place is OLD, and the walls are thin like paper, as long as you have a nice respectable neighbors, then you are fine. If you however dont, like in your case, I would suggest for you to contact the leasing office with your complaints. They actually do help you out! You dont have to deal with someones BS. I dont think it smells like dog however, but on the other hand, this is the number one dog complex in Miami, so perhaps this is not a place for you, if you dont have a dog. Security could be better, as I have heard that people break into cars! Yes, the elevators are very small and you probably are going to be forced to use the stairs for bigger furniture, but thats what apartment living is like. I had to, with most my stuff:) The place is as I mentioned before is very old, the carpets in the hallways are NASTY and I feel quiet embarrassed myself when I have friends over. This was said to be next to be taken cared of, but I guess that they rather spend money on renovating apartments, getting more people in here, then taking care of the people that they already have. Very sad!! The windows need to be changed, they are so OLD and thin, and it does not help that a train passes by all the time. In addition, I tend to wake up EVERY morning at 7.30am when the garbage truck comes in and make so much noise, that one would think we are in war or something! The complex really should have this taken cared of another time during the day for the peace of the people living here!! I do like my place however, the layout in awesome, and my closet space is enormous! If the complex could change a few things around, and with some good luck of neighbors, this place is actually really nice for the price that we are paying. Yes, you are right, you do get what you are paying for. Anyway, good luck with everything and please, call or email Eddy regarding your neighbor, he is so nice and helpful. Someone that does feel your frustration.

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