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Wildwood Apartments
400 Kelly Rd, Niceville, FL 32578
2 User Responses

I never felt safe living here. While I was there, a woman´s apartment was broken into and she was raped. The apartment management did not even seemed concerned until a second attempt on a different apartment was made. Then, all that was done was an inspection of the locks and they placed a stronger lock on the downstairs sliding glass doors. These apartments are low income housing and yes they are extremely cheap, but you also get everything that comes with cheap apartments. Horrible neightbors included. The walls were so thin I could hear the stripper that lived next door doing all sorts of things in the middle of the night. Not to mention that there was not a week that went by that the police were not searching someone´s apartment for drugs. The managment sucks also. They only help you if you kiss the a!@. I had a leak the whole year that I lived there and because I worked and didn´t have time to spend all day gossiping at the office with the manager, if never was fixed, and then I was charged for it when I moved out. This place is the armpit of Niceville and please don´t live there unless you have no other choice.

One of the worst apartment complexes in Niceville.And yes,management seems more desperate for the money from the tenants then they are to keep up the place,keep it safe from drug dealers,drugs,and drug activity.Cheap yes,nice,safe,and comfortable,NO.Anybody with a dollar in their pocket can live there and that means any kind of people as well.
wow. is it really all that ghetto? is all of that ---- true? i'm a single dad w/ a 4-year old daughter, on the waiting list for Wildwood...

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