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Avalon Reserve
14451 Avalon Reserve Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32828
1 User Response

Ok so if you need a place to live..yes they are cheap, and with the way the economy is going you might think it is a good way to save money. However, you will absolutely regret it! I moved here a year ago, and not one night goes by when I don't hear my neighbors arguing and having sex. My children are constantly asking me what that noise is, and how do you explaine that to a 5 year old? Yeah, I don't know either. I have told the management team and they keep saying "we will handle it"...and have they? NO...they really, don't care. They told me that if I didn't like the noise then they could move me into another apartment. Not only would they move me into another apartment, they would require me to resign my lease pay ANOTHER deposit and lose my last deposit...WHAT???...I am the one that is inconvenience-ing myself to move AGAIN and they want me to pay ANOTHER DEPOSIT??? HA! Yeah... They just want to clock in get paid and go home...and that is exactly what they do everyday. When you walk into the office for the first time they are all over you, nice as can be...they get you to sign that paper and that is money in their pocket!...but once they see your face for a 2nd time, they find something else to do to look busy.
I have put up with noisey neighbors and that has been the least of my worries. There has been atleast one murder that I know of, many hold ups, and who knows how many drug deals. The cops are constantly here...there isn't one week that goes by that there isn't a cop in the parking lot. Speaking of security....haha...security? That's false advertising on their part! Anyway, security...they like to drive around with their lights on when you don't need them, but if you call them it takes HOURS..if they even show up...to get a response or even for them to show up. I called at 11pm one night and they did not show up until almost 3 in the morning.
I am absolutely furious at this place and cannot wait to get out. We are currently in the process of buying a house and with todays market it is hard to close in a decent amount of time. I went to the office to ask if we could do one more month on our lease..pay extra money, do whatever we have to...they told me that I would have to resign my lease and break it...uhh..NO? I'm sorry, they've gotten enough money out of me the past twelve months. Their next response was that if we stayed they would give us a 7 day eviction notice...wow...don't worry Mr. Manager I will be out at the end of the month with no where to go with my two children, glad to hear you give a crap! I guess I'm lucky to have even spoken to the property manager since it took me 7 days to get him to call me back...
And if you have children that have any soft of manners...don't ruine them by moving here. The children that live here are absolutely mannerless, and their parents never watch them. There are children all under the age of 10 that are in the middle of the street playing and riding their bikes. They throw beer bottles at your window at night and rip open bean bag chairs in your hallway...and guess how long it takes the maintenance department to clean up the mess?...HAHA...it's still sitting there! These children throw rocks at your car, climb all over the roofs of the buildings and throw footballs at you when you walk by...and where are their parents? I don't even think they know..probably somewhere getting high! I refuse to let my children play outside by themselves...
And discounted cable? LOL $47 is NOT discounted cable!
So good luck with your lease if you just signed it..and those of you who have not yet signed a lease and are just looking...keep goin on down the road..there are plenty of apartment complexes around here that are MUCH better!

I agree with all the no responses! I went to visit this place from a friend's recommendation and the first thing I see is the gate is broken and there is a "OPEN" sidewalk on each side of the so called gate. Makes it look like a crook could just park his car at teh front and just walk right in... And then the apartments are coloured all these weird colours (red, orange, and green if I remember correctly). The clubhouse is nice and so is the pool. That is probably the only plus here. There was nobody there when we first arrived and thought that they were closed, till someone was leaving and let us in and said someone will be back shortly. BTW, kids were playing in the street without supervision. When the nice lady finally came back she was showing the place to two young kids that looked high as a kite!! Eyes were all bloodshot and had that "stoner mentality" in the way they talked and acted! Made me weary about who else lived here. She wouldn't let us see the actual places they are renting. Which makes me think they don't want you to see them ;). And I believe they have this one building setup in the frint for you to think you are getting a nice place. Looked like no one was living in the other rooms in the building. The "setup" room was decent. But extremely small!! You have the washer and dryer in the living room, WTF?!? Kitchen was OK, but also very small. Living here, I would feel like the walls were closing in on me :(. So we go back to the office/clubhouse and she was kinda pressing us to move in as soon as possible and showed the pricing. About $660.00 usd and another $660 to move in, plus a bunch of add on fees which really turned me off. I was thinking, this is for those that can't afford a place to live and they are craming them into such a small place and charging so much money for it! That and I just didn't feel it was worth it. And after reading the reviews here, I feel like many people were right about this place. That and the fact a person has died here and someone almost got kidnapped, due to lack of security, kinda scares me! Just stay away!! It's in a nice area, but too much for what your getting in the long run :(.

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