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Camden World Gateway (formerly Alexan at World Gateway)
14501 Gateway Pointe Circle14501 Gateway Point Circle, Orlando, FL 32821
2 User Responses

This place is over priced. I moved in and was going to get a 1 bedroom unit, but they offered me a 2 bedroom for a little more so I took it the following year when they raised my rent $300 they said I got a special price when I moved in, but no one told me that. They are trying to raise rents $300 for everybody. In my opinion you don't raise rent on people who already live in the complex and pay their rent on time, you raise rent for the new people moving. The floorplan is great, but all the apartments need new appliances and I am told that will come with a price as well. If you come home late you can forget about parking any where near your unit and a garage is $100 a month. Noise from neighbors above is loud, sounds like baby elephants walking across my ceiling. Don't be lured by low offers not a bargain if you have to keep moving every year.

They have never raised my rent by $300!! Not even $100!!
Sorry to read this about what was once a fine establishment.

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