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Silver Terrace Apartments
4697 Rose Coral Dr, Orlando, FL 32808
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The only good thing about this is that they take you if you have an eviction. For starts their laundry room only have 2 washers and 2 dryers, so don t and wash clothes there. They have more cats and possums known to man. And they will come into your apartment, I had one stop and tell me hi, several times. I have went through 3 manager in 1 years, and about 15 assistant. The maintenance men are okay they try but most don t have a clue what they are doing. There are always dunk men out day yelling at you Hey baby Hey this and hey that most of the men are use to buying and giving money, but they want sex in return. Its more pimp/hoe going in there then anything. Get use to the cops, they are damn near your neighbors. It s one level apartments but that makes it easy for people to get in and out of your apartment and take your stuff. I stayed until my lease was up and when I called to move out the manager begged me stay, saying I pay my rent and gave them no trouble, but I was not staying there any longer. So when I went to give her my keys, she going to say why you didn t let me know you was leaving. You can t get your deposit back because you did not let me know you was leaving in writing. Ok, I know I spoke to her several times about me leaving. (This bei is bi-polar for real.) Okay so keep the deposit, they need all the money they can get. Then when you go to another apartment, they give you a horrible reference (or at least they tried, but the other manager was on the phone when she was begging me to stay, so she made herself look dumb as h3ll). Didn t this woman just beg me to stay. (Crack kills your brain cell and I think they have killed all theirs)

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