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Wisper Palms Apartments
13308 Whisper Palms Way13308 Wisper Palms Parkway, Orlando, FL 32825
5 User Responses
Manager Response

I have come to find out that the "Home Office" that the staff continuously refers to is nothing more then the owner. The owner has stepped over the line with me now and I am counting the days until I can move out. I have been at this apartment since Aug 2007 and every month I have paid my rent on time and not once has a check bounced. This month, I was traveling for business the last 2 weeks in April and would have had plenty of time to pay on time again for May. However, as soon as I returned from out of state I had to turn around a leave again for a family emergency. (A death in my immediate family) I called the office and let them know what was going on and promised them that they would have a check for the full rent in a check dropped off in their mail box at night on the 6th. Well, needless to say, i returned and was welcomed back with a letter on my door stating... "You have 3 days from the day of this notice to vacate the premises unless your rent is paid PLUS a $75 late fee." I was shocked and incredibly upset. I was gone on business for 2 weeks, gone for half another week and lost my grandfather and this **tch women owner had the nerve to give me an eviction notice. Well, for the next week I tried talking to the owner and every day I left a message to have her call me... well its the 15th and I still havent gotten a call. The excuse I got for the notice, she cant make exceptions for people. right!!

This is what you have to look forward to if you move in. I dont recommend it. I would rather be living on the street in a box.

The management is very nice, i feel sorry for them though. And the snakes, I have seen plenty of harmless snakes BUT shortly after I moved in i encountered what I believe was a coral snake, one of the most venimous snakes around. Now I am no snake expert but after looking at pictures online, that is what I believe it was.

Last Updated: 05/15/08
Please let me know if you did contact your attorney. This place broke the lease and is trying to get over 1200.00 from us. We moved from small to large and they fee'd us to death and helped me with the stress I received from this place land in the hospital with heart failure. I am now fighting back. Anyone who wants to add to a class action law suit on this place is welcomed to contact me at Shonabairn@aol.com.
Well we were in the process of trying to move into this place. Well first of all the staff MUST get "securtity clearance" from the owner, the leasing agent said after we filled out our paperwork and gave her a 200.00 admin fee for holding that apartment, they would sent that info to the owner in south florida. well two weeks has passed and nothing I have called everyday for the last week and I keep getting different answers, all resulting in still waiting. I finally recieved an answer last friday and they said they wanted 2 months rent as a deposit, now my husband and I have really good credit and very desirable incomes [ he works at seimens]. They had the nerve to say we didn't make enough money to live there, seriously, whatever. I said well then I want my sdmin fee back because we are not going to take that apartment. The girl says, no because it has been pas 72 hours.... WHAT???? its your fault that it went beyond 72 hrs. NOT MINE. I told her I wanted to speak to her manager she said she would call me back... If I don't get a call today I will be contacting my lawyer. It like that old saying... good service tell a friend, bad service tell 10.... I will go out of my way I will contact every news staion, better business, and anyone who will just listen I will make it known...THIS PLACE STEALS YOUR MONEY... don't waste your time or application fee $$$.
I am thinking about moving in to this place. I went last Sunday to get rates and since then I've been told everyday that i will get a call back once the office person speaks to the owner, yet I have never received a call back. I have to notify my current apartment complex that i will be vacating so i have been calling Whisper Palms everyday since no one calls me back. When i asked to speak to the manager the woman I've been dealing with yelled at me accusing me of being unreasonable. So not only has this woman been inconsistent but she has been extremely unprofessional.
05/22/08Manager Response
It is unfortunate that not everyone can see all the positive things we have to offer. The construction is solid, the apartments are gorgeous and the landscaping is stunning. The "Owners" take great pride in their community and simply go above and beyond to make certain that everyone has a nice and inviting community to call home. The problems that this individual seemed to have are things that have happened in the past and I have no knowledge of. The only comment I can make is in regards to the remote. The initial remote given to a new move-in is free, however if you add on a roommate and wish to have another there is a charge. The remote that was issued in this case is a standard clicker that I myself even use. Good news is that the clicker worked, it just seems they had a problem with its appearance which there is not much assistance I can offer for that. Please see for yourself what Wisper Palms has to offer, I am certain you will be more than impressed. In regards to the current situation that this individual is speaking on 5-15-2008, it is simply a matter of being consistant with our policies.
When We lived there in Aug 2005 - Jun 2006 the issues were exactly the same as the tenant describes them! The women who "owns" the place (she is actually the mistress of the owner, an old man from down south) is a miserable b**ch who goes out of her way to make everyones lives miserable, staff and tenants alike! When we moved in we arrived at 9pm at night and one of the staff who lives on site was nice enough to let us in. We had a huge U-Haul and a car on a trailer so we asked about where would be be able to park it. The staff member told us to just park it in some empty spaces. The next day we unloaded everything in an all day move-a-thon and parked the U-Haul in the guest parking outside the gate to not bother any of the residents. First thing the next morning we were woken up by the office and told that we had to return the Uhal now or the ower was going to have it towed! I went and confronted her telling her that we had followed all of the staff's directions and that we were not going to tolerate being woken up at 7am to move the truck that we were using to buy new furnishings that day. She became very beligerant and told us if we didn't like it we could get out! The entire time we lived there it was horrible! Every day was a struggle to find a parking space, the fridge had to be replaced twice, the walls were paper thin so that we heard complete conversations of the people in the apartment next to us. There was a horrible snake problem (one of the residents dogs was killed by a rattle snake) and when we complained we were told welcome to Florida get used to the snakes. We were so miserable we moved out two months early, put everything in storage, and lived in a hotel while our new home was finished! Do not believe a word that comes out of the management's mouth we saw two managers there in the 10 months we lived there and everyone blames everyone else for why they can't do anything. The women was so controling that she refused to let the manager and staff have computers on the property or do anything that has do do with money, all comunication had to go through the "home office." I have since seen the woman who used to manage the property outside of the office and she confided in me that the old women was horrible and made her life a living hell! DO NOT LIVE HERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT! No management change will make a difference until the old women DIES!
The same thing happened when I lived there back in 2001! I was always told the "owner" makes the rules and the staff had no power. They couldn't do or say anything without asking her first! The owner obviously has a terrible problem with obsessive control. I once talked to the owner and she was so very rude, controling and nasty! She treates you as if you are "lower society"! She wouldn't let me get a word in edge wise! What a miserable old hag! It so sad that the same issues are still going on at this place 7 years later. They have never ever reached full occupancy since they opened and it's all b/c of the owner! Her husband needs to take over this property before his nasty miserable wife runs it in the ground!

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