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Campus Lodge Apartments

2677 Old Bainbridge Road, Tallahassee, FL 32303
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This place used to be horrible. Since new management took over in October, things have really changed. Maintenance is getting done without having to call 10 times, the amenities are usable (except for the pool, but they said they are working… Full Review ▶


This has been an unbelievable horrible experience. You will never get help from anyone who works in the office, they don't know the answer. They will never return your call when you leave a message for whoever is the manager (Jamal??).… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Campus Lodge, now The Oasis since 2006 and ever since the new people came things are really getting better. The property is cleaner and safer and your work gets done in your apartment the same day you… Full Review ▶


So me and my roomates moved in here in october of 2008 and are currently still living here unfortunetly! heres my experience...BRACE YOURSELF!...so when we looked at the model it looked so awesome! I was just out of highschool and could… Full Review ▶


I lived here for just over a year, but I was ready to move out in the first month. Being a large complex they don't care to call anyone or even give notice when they want to come...you could just be… Full Review ▶


For the first three days, after their designated "move-in day", our apartment had a broken air conditioner. Inside the thermostat read between 90 and 95 degrees, even at night. Right now it has broken again and has been like this for… Full Review ▶


Don't listen to these people who say it is the worst place ever. It's not; however it isn't paradise! The pool and the gym is nice. There is litter everywhere. I have lived in 2 separate apartments there and the first… Full Review ▶


This is the worst apartment complex i have ever lived in. It was horrible from the moment i moved in My apartment wasn't even cleaned it was filthy!! Something is alwas falling apart and maintinance never comes and fixes things on… Full Review ▶


If you are considering renting an apartment at Campus Lodge please reconsider now! Do not make the mistake that I have made. Maintenance does not fix anything. It is one of the dirtiest complexes that I have stayed in. They don't… Full Review ▶


This place looks nice and seems exquisite but once you sign your lease and move in, do not expect them to have cleaned, fixed, or even checked the apartments before they give you the keys. Maintenance takes forever, if it even… Full Review ▶


This place has definitly gone to dumps. The noise level around here is rediculous!!! The walls here are extra thin! I live on the first floor, i can constantly and at all hours hear the people above running around their apartment,… Full Review ▶


I signed a 12 month lease and have been living here now for about 3 months. Having the gym and the pool is nice, and I never ever have a problem with parking. The apartment itself is decently sized. But. .… Full Review ▶


I lived here for a year and i hated it!I didn't feel safe there was always something happing, and my car was stolen right from the parking lot. It was at night so having a security gaurd means NOTHING, half the… Full Review ▶


Most of what this person wrote is true for me. The new tenants that live above me are Cavemen, they never sleep and have gatherings all the time. They run around the apt and make crazy noise at 3 AM. I'm… Full Review ▶


(If you want the summarized version of my review skip to the bottom) Campus Lodge couldn't be run worse. I found out yesterday that they lied to me about my move out date. I, of course, have not planned to renew… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 2 years now and I strongly recommend you to find some place else to live. In the past 2 years me or my roommates have had to call the police at least 3 times for fights… Full Review ▶


Loud. Towed either my car or a friends car like once a week. Made it impossible to get into the pool or gym area. The rooms were small, and too close together. We had a furnished apartment that had the ugliest,… Full Review ▶


when we moved in.. it was FILTHY! took the entire day to partially clean up the filth. things were/are broken (small things), tiles missing, random things just not working. after getting past that, everything started going smoothly. maintenance was great, usually… Full Review ▶


Campus Lodge is the worst place to live! It's plenty of other places in Tallahassee to choose from that don't try to charge you for everything in the book. I have been living here for a year now and I cannot… Full Review ▶


I lived in campus lodge for only one year... and no its not THAT bad once you get past the filth. Yea...you might pay a no hassle move-out fee,and apparently that means a NO cleanup fee either. Our apartment was so… Full Review ▶


Campus Lodge is an awesome place to stay! The office staff is very helpful and the new property manager is always willing to lend out a helping hand to the residents. The pool is extremely large and very well kept! I… Full Review ▶


A few years ago, you wouldn't have seen this post. However, since FAMU students have taken over Campus Lodge, the place has gone to the dogs.
Management is terrible. Don't expect to get anything done on time. They don't inspect the fire… Full Review ▶


Campus Lodge is a place that will never be concerned with anythig besides making money. Way to far from campus, apartmenst are in bad shape old and not taking care of. My roof leaked for two weeks before maintence managed to… Full Review ▶


For what you get, it's priced pretty well. I'm not sure if they're doing it this year (I'm not resigning because I'll be graduating in Dec and so I'm moving to a place w/ a short term lease) But last year… Full Review ▶


I would not recommend Campus Lodge as an apartment complex. I lived here for 3 years, simply because I didn’t want to move. The place went downhill. My neighbor blasts ‘Jesus gospel music’ at 6:00 am, at least once a week.… Full Review ▶


Campus Lodge is a joke. The management (mainly a certain blonde) is moody and lies to get around things. I have complained on several occasions about the bass from the ghetto thugs that live next door and the ghetto thugs that… Full Review ▶


All I need to say is don't ever think about living in a place like this ever! It was a horrible experience. The management don't respect you, they treat you like a child, unresponsible college student... it was horrible.
The apartments… Full Review ▶


Our apartment was robbed yesterday. Luckily all that was taken was cash and a cell phone. Still the complex is entirely unsafe. Check with Tallahassee police department before moving in here for crime statistics. The apartment behind us was robbed at… Full Review ▶


I wish I knew about this website prior to letting my daughter move in Campus Lodge. The management is awful, they lie (even to parents) and try their best to skirt around the lease. I work in a law office and… Full Review ▶


Way overpriced for being as far from campus as it is. Wouldn't be as bad if Old Bainbridge Road wasn't the only way to school. Expect to spend a half-hour just getting there every day, since most of your 3.5 mile… Full Review ▶


I also agree with the "Don't Be Fooled" post. The apartments look great. The facilities are awesome too i.e. the nice pool. But that is where it all ends. The management is atrocious. Overages are big here at Campus Lodge. I… Full Review ▶


Dont be fooled, they only look nice. The maintence staff is AMAZING. BUT, the management sucks. First of all, they charge you outrageous overages, halfway thru your lease. Second of all, someone let their feeder mouse loose, and it got in… Full Review ▶


I also live at the Campus Lodge and absolutely am dusgusted by my living arangements. I agree there are such extreme circumstances to where I should be able to get out of my lease. I have read all the reviews on… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


Moved in with the intention of staying throughout my entire time at FSU. No closet doors, shower leaks, apt. wasn't cleaned before moving in, ants everywhere and the drive to campus is rather long. Maintenance has supposed to have fixed everything,… Full Review ▶


They almost evicted me, without notice, because I ran over on my utilities $2, and even though i have been living hundreds of miles away, they won't take the common courtesy to call me and let me know. I am not… Full Review ▶


It's funny to me how people fail to realize that in life, you create your own problems. The majority of the comments I have read on this page are negative b/c the tenant failed to uphold his or her end of… Full Review ▶


I hate living at campus lodge. The management has lied several times. They come in and out without notice which is illegal in Florida. I have come home to one of their employees standing in my room with my door closed… Full Review ▶


They have violated a few housing codes and have showed "bad faith" to many of their residents. They constantly change policies and add new fees regularly, and when those fees are contested, management is rude and unwilling to negotiate matters --… Full Review ▶


I lived in Campus Lodge for the 2002-2003 school year. It was o.k. at first. I liked the fact that they had washers and dryers in every apt. But that didn't make-up for the problems that followed.

There is a… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 6 months and I am not coming back. The apartment has great ammenities and is always kept up on the outside. The inside is also fairly nice but the furniture is kind of annoying. But other… Full Review ▶


I didn´t have any problems with the place. I guess the management has changed since I have been there, but they were great at that time. The grounds and pool were very nice. The major poroblem was the noisy college kids.… Full Review ▶


I loved my two years at Campus Lodge. I lived in a 4 bedroom and a 3 bedroom. The layout is fantastic! The TOP complaint I have with the apartment building is the visitor parking--there is none! Of course, there are… Full Review ▶


I have been living in Campus Lodge for three years, at first the place was beautiful, then when the management changed the place has gone downhill. The security guards are horrible, they let anyone in. The place needs to be cleaned… Full Review ▶


This place is pretty decent for what you pay with everything included. Their roommate matching policy is a joke. They only match if you don´t want co-ed. Everything else they just stick ya where they can. The Management is very slow… Full Review ▶


I have been living at Campus Lodge since August of 2003 and I have been treated like dirt they entire time. The management obviously thinks its ok to treat college students extremely poorly. First of all, the entire apartment was completely… Full Review ▶


They call this student housing, yet it´s a million miles from any campus. The apartments are OK, but not worth the drive especially the 1 hour traffic jam on Old bainbridge in the mornings.

If you are looking for a… Full Review ▶


i don?t live here, but my boyfriend does and there are quite a few things that i am not impressed with.......

*parking is awful, because of visitor?s spots

*the excessive partying is very loud

*there are power outages in the middle… Full Review ▶


I have been leaving here for two years and it is actually a great place to live. The apartments are called suites and they look like them as well. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The grouds are safe. The… Full Review ▶

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Studio1 $ 721
11 $ 649
22 $ 917
32.5 $ 911
33 $ 555
41 $ 882
43 $ 619


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  • Some Breeds Restricted

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  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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