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Villa Dylano

400 Hayden Road, Tallahassee, FL 32304
% Recommended
City Average

Villa Dylano is located right behind Doak Campbell Stadium, so you can walk to class and then walk to all the football games without having the worry about parking. The pool is nice and the gym is nice, and it really… Full Review ▶


Moved from an apartment on Bellevue to Villa Dylano to be a bit closer to campus for my senior year. Villa Dylano has nice floor plans, I lived in a 2 bedroom 2 bath that included a washer and dryer. The… Full Review ▶


A recent review... This is my first years at Villa Dylano. I really like it. It's not crazy fancy, so yes, there is some noise. It is bearable. You get what you pay for. 515 a month for a clean, functional,… Full Review ▶


First year living in villa dylano. Was all stoked moving up to tally and finally having a place of my own. Do not settle the way i did. there are much better places to live. Despite reviews about maintenance, those guys… Full Review ▶


Lived here 2years. Noisy as hell but had fun. Maintenance was horrible and took forever. Never had screens. Took weeks to get them installed. They only put in 2 and bent them to get them to fit. Then they charged me… Full Review ▶


As my second year living at villa dylano is coming to and end and my future is uncertain I can positively say that I love and will again live at villa dylano! The clubhouse and pool area is a great place… Full Review ▶


This is my first and last year living at Dylano and I have been dissapointed since day one! When showing my parents around the complex the Leasing guy told me i will have tile floors and brand new carpet. I have… Full Review ▶


Villa Dylano is a great place to live! The office staff and maintenance are very friendly and willing to help with whatever problems you may have. Not to mention it is super close to the stadium! Full Review ▶


The community is right near campus, so people may BELIEVE it's a great place to live. You'd be wrong! Generally there are fights outside in the evenings, the walls are so thin I can listen to my neighbor's TV, the maintenance… Full Review ▶


i am a new resident to this community and was very pleased to see that Villa Dylano hs a great staff. i called the other day to put in a service request and not only was the girl who picked up… Full Review ▶


At this moment I'm attempting to refrain from screaming at the neighbors below, one who is currently playing music below my room. Seriously, the insulation is terrible... in fact, I think it's nonexistent (parties are a nightmare because of this). You… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Dylano with my 2 friends since 2006, and the only reason we're moving in summer of 2009 is because we can not take it anymore! There's always parties and the complex won't do anything about the ungodly… Full Review ▶


I love my actual apartment! but the management is probably the worst in all of tallahassee! they will tell you that you owe fees and you don't. they're attitudes alone are horrible. they manager is so lazy and doesn't care about… Full Review ▶


I am a current resident at Dylano, and the only thing keeping me here is the location and the fact that my furniture was incredibly hard to move in. I've lived here for a little over a year, and besides the… Full Review ▶


Villa Dylano advertises as being a college student and grad student complex that is condusive to studying. NOT TRUE!! There are parties ALL THE TIME, noise almost every night even on weekdays until the early hours of the morning. There is… Full Review ▶


I took over someones sublease this past spring, and in the beginning I loved living here, but once I had doctors orders for an animal, they wanted to violate HIPPA laws and also I was then treated like I was just… Full Review ▶


Pros: Staff is nice, may need to go back once or twice on maintenance sometimes but usually they're pretty on top of fixing things. Parking is ok, no better or worse than any other complex. At least if theres no visitors… Full Review ▶


The parking sucks, the walls are thin, and the residents are LOUD -- they're college students, what else do you want from them? Oh, and they'll RIP YOU OFF when you move out. Good luck getting your deposit back.

Now that that's… Full Review ▶


Overpriced, horrible staff, and try to take as much money from you as possible. If this sounds like somewhere you want to live- go ahead. I hated living here horribly. Only good thing is location, and for the money you can… Full Review ▶


There is nothing nice about Bonnie. This place is a rip off and the management is so rude and inconsiderate. Our carpet should have been replaced years ago. When I moved in they didn't even clean. I spent hours scrubbing the… Full Review ▶


I love living here. It is close to the campus and as long as you are a resident, parking is great. The management staff has changed a lot over the past couple years but the current manager, Bonnie has been here… Full Review ▶


I transferred to FSU this past fall and wanted to live really close to campus without living in a dorm. This place seemed perfect. I really liked how it had a gated enterance and my mom really pushed for me to… Full Review ▶


I almost got EVICTED for the stupidest reason..! The management (Melissa and Stefanie) - they are probably moved by now from Villa Dylano - are the worst ------- ever...they are probably bitching somebody else right now...anyway one day Melissa asked me… Full Review ▶


You cant park anywhere, there are 19 visiter spots for a HUGE amount of apartments... the company is intrusive and rude. Full Review ▶


This place is really nice and convienant to campus. Parking for residents is great, horrible for visitors. Game days parking is ridiculous! Apartments are nice, newly renovated the only problem is with management, half the time they are great, half the… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
11 $ 634
22 $ 598
32 $ 645
33 $ 529
41 $ 642
43 $ 631


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