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Arbour Ponds Apartment Homes
2901 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33607
1 User Response

I've had nothing but problems with this place since I moved in last August. My first day there I discovered the place was heavily infested with roaches. I'm terribly afraid of bugs and I mentioned this problem to the front desk only to be laughed at and was told that the previous tenants must have brought them in. The management says they spray the units twice a month but I didn't notice a reduction in bugs until I went out and bought my own repellant and sprayed all the baseboards. The noise pollution is terrible! The walls and ceilings are paper thin and I'm able to hear everything my neighbors do. What makes things worse is my neighbors above me have several dogs and I constantly hear them tracking back and forth. I also have several rude neighbors that like to play incredibly loud music at all times of the day. I sleep during the day because I work nights and I have mentioned this several times to those neighbors and management but nobody seems to care. The actual apartment is very old and falling apart. The AC is constantly going out and I had a severe pipe leak from the apartment above. Luckily the leak happened in my bathroom over the tub but the repair job on the leak was very schlocky and they didn't wait for joists or interior ceiling to dry before they put new drywall in. I'm sure there is a mold forest growing up there now! The apartment community is very ghetto. I'm constantly being woken up by unsupervised children running amuck around my building. I'm thankful I work nights and do not have to experience what happens here at night but when I leave for work I do not feel safe. I am always seeing groups of teens or young adults hanging out in the dark parts of the complex. I've seen drug deals being made along the fence behind my building and I can a lot of times smell them smoking weed. If you are apartment hunting in the area I hope you read this review. I strongly encourage you to look somewhere else. The rent is definitely not worth all the trouble I've had and I feel it's highway robbery they can get away with charging so much. They also do not tell you upon signing the lease that water, sewage, pest control and garbage is NOT included in rent. Those services run me an extra $70-$100. I am counting down the days until my lease is up. This was my first apartment down here in Florida and it's a shame it's been such a lousy experience.

I Totally agree. Roaches are overwhelming

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