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Bridgeport Apartments
5215 S Westshore Blvd # 30, Tampa, FL 33611
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My husband and I have lived in Bridgeport Apartments for 8 months now. They are VERY old apartments with floor a/c's. The circulation in the apartment is poor. There are no vents to assist the air flow coming from the a/c in the livingroom. There is mold and mildew around the outside and I suspect it's in the walls.

These apartments are perfect for singles, those going to college, and senior citizens, but I don't recommend them for families or those picky about amenities. It's very quiet. We've only seen one emergency situation (paramedics, sheriff) so far. I do get a bit miffed when the "idiots" cutting through have their radios full-blast and base up enough to bump you off your bed, but that's only about once a week.

The management, Adrianne, is wonderful. She listens, she writes down, work gets done...no complaints there. Maintenance has been there same day the few times I've had to call and worked quickly and respectfully.

I love the squirrels and the lizards! There are two stray cats we fondly refer to as Man-Love and Little Bit. No one's supposed to feed them, but 'nough said there...and it would be sad to see them disappear. They're like old friends who keep popping up every couple of weeks as if to see how you're doin'.

Absolutely NO problems with trash, dumpsters, etc. Very clean. There's the occasional crap-for-brains that drops his/her trash on the ground as if it's someone else's responsibility to clean up after them, but not a problem child.

Parking is ample and seems safe for being on the corner of Bloomingdale and Kings like it is. The complex is well-lit and we all seem to look out for eachother even though no one is door to door neighborly.

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