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Swan Lake Apartments
3401 N Lakeview Dr, Tampa, FL 33618
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Manager Response

This place is a dump, the apartments are old and dated. I had lived there for 2 yrs.I had so many problems with my apt. If it's not the AC, it's the toilet or the sink or the fridge. The worst was toilet, I think I called more than 20 times in the 2 yrs that I lived to get that danm toilet fixed. The fridge start leaking, had called 4times, everytime the maintenance guy claimed to fixed it, it started leaking again within a week. I just gave up and had to put a towel in front of the fridge. Had a leak in my living room instead of fixing it, they only painted over the water stain on the ceiling,(old management)Had a headache for a week. New Management comes in, claiming that they gonna fix and repaired the Whole Apt Complex, That was a bunch of BS, all they did was painting outside the Apt a different color and remodel the club house. A few weeks before I moved out, Guess what? the ceiling start leaking again, same spot as before and a new one.
Another thing, They let everyone moved in, I don't think They don't do background checks or even ask proof of employment. In the 2 yrs that I lived There, I had 7 next door neighbors (Yes 7,I counted them). Most of them got evicted within 2 to 6 months for failure to pay rent.
Now they require to get a rental insurance, minimum $100,000 to cover the property. your personal items doesn't include on that insurance unless you added to it (that will be another fee). They also start charging for water ( used to be included in the rent).
I was so happy to get out of this crappy place, I started packing a month prior to my lease end. I couldn't deal with so many issues that I had in my apt.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND SWAN LAKE APARTMENT, if it is the location that you wanted, They are a lot of Apts that are way better, nicer and cleaner than this place.

12/10/12Manager Response
We appreciate your feedback. We understand that you lived here while the property transitioned from the old ownership/management to the new ownership/management which happened a little over a year ago. While I wish you were here so we could address your concerns this is no longer the case. What I can help you with is letting you know about the screening of our residents. All residents moving in go through the same qualifications of income, credit and criminal back ground checks. We would also like to address your concern that many people are getting â??evictedâ?? because you had â??7 next door neighborsâ??. We believe this is due to your apartment being next to one of our two corporate rental units which are rented out on a weekly or monthly basis, thus creating numerous changes in occupants over the year. We regret to hear about your dissatisfaction while you resided at Swan Lake Apartments and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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