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River Ridge at Canton
100 River Ridge Drive, Canton, GA 30114
7 User Responses

the criminal activity here is unreal. the office refuses to help in this matter. the gate to walk in is always open, they never lock it at night. a couple months ago several cop cars were near the trash compactor and cops interviewing residents. the apartments are located less than a mile from the most known drug area in canton, ask any deputy in the area. there are holes in the fence off the main road and into an unsafe neighborhood next door to the complex. also, my truck has been hit twice since living here. it's worth the extra 100 dollars a month to live somewhere where the manager actually cares about resident safety. the walls are paper thin. i can hear the people above me using the restroom and music from the neighbors beside me. nobody cleans up after their dogs. regretting not paying extra to live next door at heritage!

Last Updated: 03/31/11
Fired? How about investigated?
Wow!! How ironic this was posted in March with "Dead body found in dumpster" and "they let convicted sex offenders live here" and TODAY 12/5/11, that precious little girl was found brutally murdered and IN THE DUMPSTER....That entire staff AND Management company needs to be fired!! I've been in this industry for 13 years, they sound like they are merely collecting a check...as far as I'm concerned, they should feel somewhat quilty with what happened to this child by allowing sex offenders to live there.
I'm currently residing here and have nothing but complaints about the staff and the property. A/C doesn't work half the time - call maintenance and they "jerry rig" it....ROACHES everywhere - call to be put on pest control and they never add you to the list or the guy doesn't show up, I've confronted the pest control man (who is a personal friend of Sherry btw, their kids play ball together that's how he got the contract) and he says I wasn't on his list previous weeks, Sierra in the office (asst mgr) is rude as well and doesn't care to help you with anything, refridgerator is loud, dishwasher leaks, the walls are all cracking (I assume from water damage) there is NO insulation so your electric bill is through the roof all the time, the list of complaints go on and on...
My overall stay here has been incredible.I have not had a proplem with any of the staff there. I give coodles for the staff Loraina, Sherry, Ciera and the maintanace staff for keeping the property up. Some people are miserable and allow that to follow and use others as a scape goat!!So not cool at all!!
I agree the manager Sherry is a rude woman, and allows convicted sex offenders to live in the community. She doesnt care about the property she only cares about filling the units with whatever trash she can drag in.We should be able to leave things outside and not have to worry about it being stolen becuase they allow convicts to live here. When my lease is up yall kiss asses can have this garbage can you call a community.
of course we're unhappy about it...but i listed several other problems above. this is probably the manager responding because my boyfriend went to speak to her about the unsafe grounds and she was a complete ----- to him..threatened to call the cops because she didn't like hearing about it. she tried to say it was my fault. sorry we don't have extra money for a garage. just because you haven't had problems doesn't mean they're faultless. the other reviews on here point out her flaws as well.
This sounds like you are just mad because your boy friends bike was stolen. Management is great and i never had any problems, she has always been very helpful, and really cares about the property. I guess you should not leave a motorcycle outside for anyone to take.

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