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The Palms
2700 Double Churches Road, Columbus, GA 31909
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If I had written this review a year ago, it would be completely different. Things have changed, however at Hamilton Station...or The Palms as it's now called. The first year I was very happy with the management and had few issues, which is why I signed another lease. The apartment is currently undergoing major construction, so for some residents parking is a major issue. I am lucky if I find a spot close to my apartment. There are issues with people parking along a fence which has been designated as a no parking area. This often causes residents to be blocked into their parking spots. In there defense, they park there to keep from walking a quarter mile to their apartment, which can be a pain when you have children or its raining or you have groceries to unload or all of the above. Office management is not concerned with the parking problem. They offer no solutions, and just ask us to be patient.

At this time, the tennis courts have been torn down, as well as the gym and tanning room. I asked if these amenities would be available anytime during construction and was told they would "send out a flyer" when they put up a temporary tanning bed. I have heard from another resident that a temporary bed is up but I never received that flyer. I ended up signing up at a local gym and added tanning while waiting for "the flyer".

The pest control is horrible. It is almost better to spray yourself because the pest control doesn't seem to work.

The walls and floors are thin. The people above me walk through the night and the floor squeaks and it is really annoying. They also have a dog, that barks for hours straight when they leave the home. I feel sorry for the dog, but it is impossible to take a nap or concentrate on work with the barking.

One of the most annoying features at Hamilton Station is the gate system. You never know if it is working and you never know if it is on. It is also pointless because 3 or 4 vehicles can go through the gate at one time. There is a big distance between where you swipe your card and the actual gate, so sometimes while you are swiping the card, other drivers will go around you and go through the gate instead of waiting their turn. I have almost been hit on more than one occasion because of this.

On a positive note, I will say that the lake is nice, as well as the walking trail. The assistant manager is also kind and seems to care. The location is also desirable. I'm assuming that once the construction is completed the amenities will be nice.

I do not plan to sign another lease and would never recommend this place to anyone. There are far better options available.

Last Updated: 03/06/14
User photo uploaded on 03/06/2014

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