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Dawson Forest
100 Green Forest Drive, Dawsonville, GA 30534
3 User Responses

The office staff is soooo friendly....at first. Once you sign the lease, they no longer treat you with any respect whatsoever. Repair orders for the simplest things take forever, and usually get completely ignored without repeated requests. The walls are so thin, you can hear just about everything going on all day and night in your neighbors' apartments...especially if you have an apartment above you! There is no insulation either. I have to keep plastic on my windows, and you can actually hear the wind blowing the plastic in and out...winter or summer! The pool is too small for the number of residents and is so filthy, even my son won't swim in it. There have also been several cars broken in to due to the fact that the front gates often break down, so they just leave them open for days at a time, allowing anyone to enter the complex. They are also currently under investigation for their handling of a major fire that destryed an entire building of apartments. In June 2011, the residents of that building reported smelling smoke to maintenance at night way before the actual fire began. Maintenance did not even come to the building to check out the complaints, and the building did catch fire in the early morning hours. It was reported in the newspaper that the residents were put up in nice hotels on Dawson Forest's dime....but they threw all four families out after one week and terminated their leases. Needless to say...that was not in the paper! I'm sure the case will be heading to court. Avoid this sham of a complex if at all possible. It looks nice during a drive-through....but looks are decieving!

Last Updated: 08/02/11
I lived across from this building which was only about 50 feet away. I awoke to an explosion and a load roar which was the fire ,that was so intense you could feel the heat from inside your apartment across the street.My son was six months old at the time and I was so afraid that the fire would spread to our building next. The point of this is I know that maintenance was told that day and disregarded the report. those people that jumped out the second floor window had an infant in their arms. The way this was handled by management was an absolute disgrace.
The fire could have been avoided or at the very least minimal but complaints were ignored. Four families lost everything they had, including their pets. We watched the place burn and those poor families literally jump from the second story. Management was so busy covering up their mistake, they failed to help those poor people. Sad.
I agree. There are problems getting a issue resolved and the unresolve issues like noise cause people to fight and that is not right to the residents . Management should take care of a problem right away so it does not keep going on. How would they like if people were being real Loud them and the problem kept happening. It is Horrible here with the noise and I agree 100%!!

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