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I have been having problems with water leaking everywhere in this apartment, it a shame the roaches are so bad, i have bombed this place, spent countless money on RAID, and roach traps, now when i pray the roaches tell me "you got to be kidding again" by me not working to afford anywhere else to go..seems like I am forced to live here under these conditions. I have asked for the Corporate office name and address and they keep tell me they don't have it or don't know it...the ceiling is so thin that you can hear the conversation from the other apartments....I need help in getting out..i need the corporate office to get in contact with me or I am going to the news media. the picture that's listed here is where the water is still currently leaking....and the mold and mildew have set in the wall is caving in as well...you can see the hole in the wall....CORPORATE OFFICE WHERE ARE YOU!!

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