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We were renters for three years at Shiloh Green. We were never late on a payment and never caused problems. The only reason we moved was because we finally bought a home.

After we left, we settled up on anything that was due. We realized that our dog had left a stain on the carpet and we had one small hole in the wall from the doorknob that we forgot about. We came back a couple of times after we'd moved and completely scrubbed the entire apartment. We also had five families help us move, and they all witnessed that the place was left in mint condition. There was just the normal wear 'n tear of the carpet.

When we got our final bill, Shiloh Green had charged us for the carpet and wall, so we lost both our rental deposit and our pet deposit. Even though our total deposits exceeded the bill, we agreed that it was fair and left it alone. However, when the subcontractor came in and re-did the carpet and wall, they charged Shiloh more than they had charged us, so they turned around and charged us (even though we had been gone for three months).

I showed the landlord our contract, which stated that any damage to the apartment would result in the tenant losing his/her deposit. I explained that nowhere did it state that we were responsible for what another party charged them. She denied what the contract clearly stated. Then I showed her where the contract stated that if a tenant damaged the property beyond repair, the landlord has the right to terminate our contract and we would be responsible for the remainder of the lease. I asked her that if our apartment was in such poor condition, then according to the contract, we should have been kicked out a long time ago. She also denied this, which was there in writing.

Still yet, Shiloh Green reported this information to the credit bureau for both myself and my husband. Worse yet, they never pulled his credit when we first moved in because he was unemployed, so they only used my credit. However, they turned it in on his credit that he owed this debt.

After speaking with other former tenants at Shiloh Green, we found that they too had been charged with repairs that were false.

Finally, the contract is null and void anyway due to false advertising. They claim to have a fitness center (which is one reason we chose this facility), but in three years, they never had one. Former tenants have been waiting on one for years.

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