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6229 Thomaston Road, Macon, GA 31220
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My experience here provoked me to buy a house; so my apartment will be available at the end of January. I installed a medicine cabinet in the master bathroom and a shelf in the storage closet--enjoy.
If you read my previous post, then you know that maintenance left the master key (with mailbox key) in my apartment door in February (that maintenance man was fired by the way), and I kept the keys. In September, I finally told the property manager what had happened, and she admitted she knew the keys were missing. All the niceness and outward "professionalism" (and birthday balloons) in the world can't excuse what I consider to be either an extreme lack of judgment or lack of integrity on the manager's part. If a property manager knows a tenant's master keys are missing, he or she should notify the tenant that the locks need to be replaced. It doesn't take much to imagine what could have happened if someone unscrupulous had found my keys first.
Also, I read the "ghetto" posts and decided to follow up with the sheriff's office. There have been vehicles stolen in the past--a few by roommates--and they were mostly older models (easily hotwired) and most were recovered. There were two armed robberies: 1) a restaurant owner was followed home from his restaurant and robbed and 2) a 19-yr-old robbed someone of a video game at an apartment (not in the parking lot) and he was later arrested. Northwood is not overrun with drug activity anymore than any other apartment complex or neighborhood. The management here does it best to screen applicants.
I still won't recommend Northwood, but others seem to enjoy it. Take a chance--you can always move.
P.S. My previous post was deleted. Here's the summary: DO NOT lease an apartment anywhere near the pool if you are noise sensitive. You will have a sleep-deprived summer.

Last Updated: 11/09/09

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