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Wood Hollow
1818 Wood Hollow Court, Marietta, GA 30067
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I have to agree with some of the other comments. I lived here for almost a year with the old management of Gables. since Wilkinson has taken over things have gone completely downhill. After 2 years, i have decided not to renew my lease. I agree the office staff do not seem to take complaints seriously or maybe it is just mine. I have one neighbor who constantly plays music so loudly that i can hear it over my tv. i have called the office and courtesy officer and i still hear it from 10pm to even 6am apparently before he goes to work. I know that i recived a noice complaint once and the only thing that it could have been from was my laptop computer playing music, which clearly couldn't have caused too much noise. it doesn't appear that my noise complaint has been taken seriously which has played into me not renewing my lease.
new management also brought in valet trash pick up which is nice but unfortnately rules are not followed. my neighbors leave trash and the trash bins out CONSTANTLY. i have complained so many times that i got sick of calling. i have NEVER lived in an apartment where it was ok to leave trash outside your door, but my complaints were never addressed as my neighbors still are doing it. during the summer months neighbors would leave trash out all weekend even though trash pickup didn't come on the weekends. This literally stunk up the whole breezeway and was definitely not what i wanted to look up when coming or going to my apartment. recently an animal or someone tore up the trash bag and trash was literlly scattered in front of my neighbors door for an entire day!!!
I guess the management is ok with a trashy apartment look because no one actually lives there they live elsewhere. One of my favorite things was the pool. however this summer (first summer of new management) the pool was FILTHY at all times!!! the gables clearly cleaned it regularly scrubbing the sides etc for moss. I wish i had pictures to compare. not to mentino the pool area went to hell as well. this summer esp during the weekends the chairs and tables took a beating and the trash was never dumped and usually piling up by sunday. i complained many many times about the pool and nothing was ever done.
My apartment was broken into in June, my laptop was stolen and my neighbors flat-screen was taken. the robbery took place between 1230-330 in the AFTERNOON. there are no gates, but the community is small where someone in the office staff or maitenance could easily patrol the grounds regualarly. not to mention there was a break-in in 2 apartments in the bldg directly next to mine a week prior. similar M.O. , our apartments are on the back side so they must have come through the back and up the stairs. my concern is, during this time how the HELL didnt ANYONE from management notice people going back behind our buildings and taking flat-screens and laptops???? the flat-screens that were taken could not have been easily hidden and from my guess they entered the back of the building w/in view of the office!!!!!! Also, if i had KNOWN prior that the building next to mine had been broken into i would have hid my laptop or taken it to work with me.
im sure there are better places to rent from in the area. in fact go down the street to akers mill and go directly to a GAbles managed apartment they have been thE best manangement i have ever had!!!

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