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Avonlea at Towne Lake
1000 Avonlea Place, Woodstock, GA 30189
1 User Response

I am so tired of living here. The girls in the office are stuck up and rude. I cannot wait to leave. The apartment is nice and all, but I am sure I can find something as nice in Towne Lake more affordable and with people who care.I have called in a problem with my toilet for weeks. The maintenace guys are always leaving and you never know who is in your apartment, when they manage to come work on your problem.
I do not recommend. Go somewhere else if you want good customer service.

I agree with this review. This was a really great place to live the first year that we lived here. We have lived here for 2.5 years and are moving Nov. 1st. There are much better places to live that have lower rents for larger apartments that nicer. There is a trailor park right next to the complex that seems to be "bleeding" into it. It is VERY loud and messy looking. There is always people playing liud music at all hours of the day and night. In their cars and apartments. The dumpster is located next to the pool, so when its hot in the summer, the stinch makes being at the pool uinbearable. I am very glad to be moving. I recommend that people not move in to this complex. They can't keep office personnel and allowed a sex offender to move in.

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