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If you are on Section 8 and are a sex offender, well this is the place for you. This complex specializes in accepting less than desirable renters, felony convicted criminals, people who are unemployed, families with 18 people living in a household at one time, all while advertising how great the Management staff is and how great living next to the beach is. If you need to pay your rent Bi weekly, well then living here is the right place for you. If you want to have your property broken into while you are at work, then look no further. If you need a large supply of properties to break into well this is a treasure trove because our security here is a joke. If you like your cars vandalized, then your gonna love it here. Ever wonder why there are so many cars parked along side the street, well when you have 4 families living in one household, you need more parking along the street. You too can enjoy all this while dealing with an uncaring office staff, and old outdated housing. We offer a high turnover rate because when we lock people into a lease they soon discover that they no longer enjoy living here and they soon move out. A lot even move out overnight under the cover of darkness. This place is loaded with many jewels such as glass and rusted iron pillars on the beach. We also make you sign a release for asbestos in our rentals and possible unexploded WWII Navy ordnances on our beaches. This place offers many lessons in Hawaii's abundant insect population specializing in Carpenter Bees, Giant Roaches, Ants, Centipedes, Geckos, and Ferrel Cats. Not only do the termites eat through the wood walls in our houses, but they will eat thru your nice wooden furniture too. Remeber your children are welcome. Not only are Sex offenders NOT restricted from our Complex, but they are allowed to live around the corner from our schools. Don't believe me, go to http://sexoffenders.ehawaii.gov/sexoffender, and see for yourself. Come ask the office staff, and hear it's not true.Remember your children are welcome.! And so is your money, cause that's about all we care about here

HILARIOUS!!!!! Bwahahahahaahaha. So true. You said it better than I could've even thought. 5 stars. Don't forget the wonderful amenity of the employees drinking & driving their golf carts around!!!!
This place is a freaking dump, and you know it is. The staff is rude and uncaring and lazy. They dont do what they are hired to do and they really dont care. Everyone complaing about this place can not be wrong. They townhomes continue to be broke into and cars frequently get broken into as well. This place is not worth the trouble.
really? i am currently living here and have been over a year and i love it. i dont know what your used to princess but this is pretty nice housing. yes there is a bug problem but if youve lived in hawaii for a while, bugs are everywhere. section 8 people are everywhere, and honestly i dont know why you have a problem with that because now days they only give section 8 to people working and cant afford it, or trying to, or disabled. I love the beach here its quiet and peaceful. ive never had anything vandelized or stolen and havent heard of anyone who have. and theyre are kids everywhere outside playing which makes it like home. and ive never met a monica, so maybe she dosent work here anymore but the staff here are frendly.
Well...I lived there twice.. And I can honestly say there are good and bad, just like anywhere. My biggest problem was somebof the locals acting like I didn't belong there because I'm haole. But whatever. Others invited my family and I to their BIG get togethers and I had some of the most amazing food and conversation. Love me some mochiko chicken!! The only real problem we had was with Monica, she sucks big time and is so freakin rude, if you can actually get her on the phone that is. She is the reason we moved and will never ever go back or recommend living there. She's quick to give nasty emails and tickets when you're doing something "wrong" but try to get her to help you...good luck!!
@notaliarhere - Sadly, you are a liar. You must be getting evicted or have already been evicted. Don't you think people see right thru your exaggerations? The truth is: Everybody is screened before they can live here, and many people are rejected every week. Section 8 assistance is available to folks earning less than about $55,000 dollars. SOunds like you are prejudiced against those folks. No known sex offenders are allowed to live here. Even so, we must follow Hawaii state law in dealing with everybody. There are no 18-person households living here. We have one of the lowest crime rates on the island, according to HPD statistics. Hawaii has insects - you got us there. We have no more and no less than nature provides to us. The rest of your "review" is gibberish and un worthy of a reply. You have posted other hate-filled reviews on this site. Fortunately, thousands of people live here and enjoy an affordable home on or near the beach...a rarity on Oahu.
Really!!!!!! Wow you must be really be unhappy here... We live in old Navy housing... what kind of housing do you expect..."The Hilton".... did you come to the Island thinking it would be perfect... nowhere is perfect. Fact of life…..there are bugs here...crazy bugs... you just live with it... If you owned a home anywhere on this Island...there would be BUGS!!! It is so sad that you have to dog out people that need housing assistance like Section 8... You make it sound like people that need that kind of assistance are BAD!!!! I would watch your tongue… Karma is a B*t*h. So if you were to really look at your statements then ….. I guess that all the people in the Military are on “Section 8”…. Since they get there housing paid for by the Government…. Really think about what you are really saying….. I hope that you are never in the position that you have to rely on State Assistance…. GOD FORBID…. You would be one of them!!!! No matter where you go on this Island or any other state... Sex Offenders /Felons /Murders /Criminals...will be around you... You just have to be SAFE and aware of your surroundings... Also it is FREAKIN EXPENSIVE to live on this Island and people do what they have to do to get by and if they have 18 people living in there house... I am sure management doesn’t know... The family is just trying to get by and survive. Or they just have a very large family…. So it sounds like you didn’t have a good time here...so if your lease is up...then it may be that time to move on... hopefully you can find something that is more suitable to your values/morals/ethics.... then here... good luck. But just remember...the stuff you mentioned is EVERY WHERE so have fun trying to find YOUR PARADISE!!!!!

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