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I have lived in Iroquois Point (now called The Waterfront at Puuloa ) for 4 years and although I personally like this place, there is still a lot left to be desired. If you are thinking about renting here, then read on.

Congress passed special legislation in 1999 that allowed the Navy to lease and sell some of its under-used outlying properties which included Iroquois Point. Approximately 1,463 former Navy homes were made available to military personnel and civilians at Iroquois Point as part of an $80 million land sale and lease between Fluor Hawaii LLC and the Navy under that legislation, of which Fluor signed a 65 year lease agreement for Iroquois. At the time rent ranged from $1300 and up depending on where you lived in the housing area and the developer added a military friendly lease clause that allowed military personnel to leave if they get transferred. I'm not sure if the clause still holds true, but it doesn't hurt to ask before you move here and make sure it is written in your lease agreement.

The property is currently managed by Cirrus Asset Management Inc. who has a fairly large staff of on-site maintenance employees as well as on-call personnel who are much more gifted in major repairs than the on-site staff. There is an NEX shopette/gas station, elementary school, and 24-hour gym within the property and a number of fitness and leisure activities available to residents.

For the most part this is a friendly neighborhood; people do tend to look out for one another when possible, although there have been a number of reported break-ins, a peeping Tom issue, and neighbors smoking marijuana on street corners once the neighborhood watch goes in for the night. As with anywhere else you live, neighbors can be an issue. My neighbor's children jump on the trampoline at 11 at night, and sometimes I'll see and smell people smoking marijuana as I drive up the street late at night.

When we first moved in, my daughter crossed the living room one morning and was welcomed by sparks shooting out of an unused outlet with smoke and the smell of burning wires coming from the wall. I called maintenance who did not respond until a day later. When the repair was done, it looked like they spliced new wiring with old wiring, capped the ends that came out at the outlet and left it hanging outside of the socket. The outlet cover was not replaced until a couple of days later. When they did return to complete the repair, they did a very shoddy job at spackling the wall. No paint, just spackle.

Carpenter bees are eating away at one side of our home, while their honey comes up through the floor tile of our master bedroom. My spouse put in a maintenance work order a few weeks ago but still no one showed up to correct the problems.

Many of my friends in the neighborhood recently moved out because Cirrus has a policy that does not allow a tenant to move to another home on Iroquois when the lease expires. One friend lived in one of the 4 bedroom beachfront homes which he paid over $3000 for. He wanted to move to another home within the community but was denied because as he was told, they were only for tenants signing a brand new lease. The same just happened to another neighbor of mine a few days ago. It used to be that if you wanted to transfer to another home while you were still in your lease, you just paid a transfer fee along with the security deposit and rent for the new place. It seems odd to me that the policies seem to change often here. Also, the rent on your block will vary despite the fact that your homes have the same layout. My neighbor lives in a stand-alone 3-bedroom home and pays $150 more than I do.

This neighborhood is in the flight path for military aircraft and commercial planes. Keep that in mind if you decide to move here because it does get very noisy between 7 am to 7 pm. Military aircraft fly over virtually 24 hours a day, however, commercial aircraft are supposed to keep within the 7am to 7pm time frame when using the Hickam AFB runway closest to Iroquois. That runway is only to be used by commercial aircraft for emergency landings or if the reef runway is closed. Does that happen? Not really. Commercial airlines turn off their tail lights and sometimes fly up to 11 pm at night or will jar you awake at 645 am on the weekend with a fly over.

The Resident Services office staff, who although are very friendly, are not well versed in the Hawaii Landlord Tenant code or even with their own policies. They enforce the upkeep of the lawn area in front of your home, grass cannot grow more than 2 inches high. If you violate this, you will get a notice to correct the error and if left uncorrected, you will have to pay a 50.00 fine. You have the option of paying 60.00/month to have maintenance cut your grass and maintain the common area around your home, or you can do it yourself. Some new leases provide you with 1 year's worth of lawn service.

You can have up to three pets here, but no pit bulls, they do specify the specific breed in the community policies. Your pet has to be registered and it costs about 50.00/month, a sort of pet rent fee. There is a dog park that is open several times a week, although I am not sure what the new days and times are.

Yes, Iroquois Point is not as it used to be and I would recommend doing your homework before you move here to see if this is the right community for you.

Last Updated: 05/31/11
What???? This Iroquois elementary is ranked number 35 in the state. This school is HORRIBLE!!!!! BUT, Two years ago it WAS awesome and I was very happy my child attended. They now have a principal whos never around to help you and has changed EVERYTHING! My child plays games in class. Takes naps IN SECOND GRADE!!! Colors the same paper for 3 days in a row and once waited outside of her class for 30 min. Cause her teacher didnt even show up. I told the V.P (because the principal wasn't around) my daughter needs to transfer. Guess what...... shes still in that class. They don't ever get back to you. IF your child's education actually matters to you. NEVER STEP FOOT ON THIS CAMPUS!
All above is TRUE! School is rated a top school because it's not managed by Cirrus Asset Management Inc. (thank goodness for that). Only can imagine how unorganized it would be for the children if Cirrus Asset Management Inc. had a part of that!
Excellent posting and great coverage of all of the issues. Just to clarify, it was Iroquois Elementary School that was rated a top school, not drug ridden Campbell High School, or stone head producing, Kapolei High School.
The school is a 180, compared to the property. As you stated your be living in a HOLE. POS hole. Staff doesn't practice what they preach. As SOON as my lease is up- I'm GONE. Never going to miss this place. I won't even let my daughter play outside bc there is a sex offender literally RIGHT up the street on edgewater Dr. Look it up for yourself ;-) The school is one of the highest rated schools in the state- that being said- yes, I'd move TO Ewa. But until we PCS everyone I come in contact with will be made aware of EVERYTHING you've read on here. Bc it is all true. Not one thing I've read has not been something I've encountered. A/C? Dear, you are better off leaving your windows wide open & running it at the same time. The a/c leaks right out the CLOSED Windows. Electricity is high due to that AND you cannot monitor it yourself. It's monitored/read FROM COLORADO. I AM VERY aware that solar panels were not exactly popular or even affordable when these homes were built-in but COME ON. What remodeling to me & what the definition of remodeling to CIRRUS, mgmt or whomever are obviously different. Their version was to slap some cabinet doors on in the kitchen, replace the counters & finish it all off with a fresh coat of paint that "may contain lead" just to paint directly over yrs of water damage & terminate infestatios as opposed to remodeling & Repairing everything correctly , not renting to Section 8, & installing solar panels. Had this been done I guarantee this property wouldn't have the embarrassing & pathetic 2.5 stars that it so rightly deserves. I understand oh toooooooo well the military & its budgets. However due to whomevers decision it was to not do these things correctly, in turn has most likely paid in labor costs for being overstafffed in order to ACCOMMODATE the need of Maintenance requests, pesticide treatments, electricity bills,and last-minute but most definitely not least- residents who would stay. Which brings me to your main concern-schools. Before we even PCS'ed here, I was told how horrible the schools are, etc. The school here on the property only goes up to a certain grade- then move on to the middle school off the property & into Ewa Beach. There ARE OTHER HOMES IN THIS AREA, friendlier staff, nicer homes in this price range - do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise bc they are lying. Iroquois point residents DO have priority- BUT everyone leaves so more space is open at the school. Your children can still attend there without living in this disgusting housing. One more thing, they advertise how military friendly they are, HA! Hardly. Quite the opposite actually. If you are military - look into Ewa by Gentry, Ocean Pointed, west Mich estates- or in kapolei. I work in DEERS/ID CARDS- and every processing servicemember I tell DO NOT live at THE WATERFRONT AT PUULOA. I Service 50 customers a day, so I try to warn allllllll of them. They thank me in the end. I will continue to warn others. The few positive ratings are either the property itself posting or one of the Section 8 residents. I can guarantee you that. If you'd like to chat email me (tinabapt@gmail.com) Sorry if there ate typos. Responded from my phone
You seem to have alot of information and I wish I could ask you some questions. My husband is SRNCO and we have orders to Hickam. From what research I have done, the school zone here is better then the hickam housing one. any input on that? I'd live in a hole if my two highschool boys were in a good school and safe. Most of the complaints I do read , could be similiar to any of my on base experiences over the years, have not lived on base for almost 10 years now. .One thing I found that would be benificial is to have a place set, before we fly over there, registering in schools, etc etc. another worry is utilitites, how high do they run? I'd need a/c i'm a northern gal and never could take the heaqt. snowwhite832@hotmail.com if you send me a line please!
this place is a dump and the management staff is ignorant and rude

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