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Triple Crown Apartments
1030 Greenway Court, Altoona, IA 50009
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I live in a remodeled apartment, so its pretty nice by most standards (though you can tell the work was done quickly, not for quality--obvious patches, paint on carpet edges). There are a lot of kids, but they're not too noisy. There are pets allowed, and I haven't had any trouble with that either. Lots of people complain about management, but I always have rent in on time and follow all the lease rules (payment on time, trash and smoking compliance), so we get along great! If you can't follow rules, then you'll probably get into trouble which is your own fault. Parking isn't very good, however. There are plenty of spots near my building, but the quality of the pavement is poor, and the constant remodeling has led to several nails in my tires (2 in 3 months). And there are NO garages available, and lots of trees (good: shade, bad: lots of leaves, dirt, branches). Overall, living here has been a great experience, much better than my college apartment years!

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