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Academy Apartments
708 West Freeman, Carbondale, IL 62901
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I lived in these apartments for 1 year, and I loved how close it was to campus. I did not enjoy all of the different bugs, especially cockroaches, that my roommate and I found. If I had it to do over again, I would not have signed the lease. We complained to the owner about the cockroaches, and she did nothing. Also, while cleaning above the shelves in our apartment, we found a plastic bag with a letter from the previous occupants lawyer to the landlord. The bag had dead cockroaches in it also, so the previous tennants must haved had these same issues with the apartment. My roomate and I were terrified each night we went to bed. Everytime I turned my bedroom light on in the middle of the night, I would see cockroaches running to find a hiding spot. This began after the winter months, and my roomate and I decided to just wait it out until our lease ended because the landlord obviously did not care to help. Also, the doors are not sealed well, and this also was a way for bugs to get in. We told the landlord about this, and they did a quick--yet ineffective-fix. Last, but not least, the walls are very thin, and I could hear everything going on in our neighbors bedroom--not good! The next year I moved into one of Alpha Rentals Apartments, and it was a complete turn-around from the Acadamy Apartments. Alpha's Robinson Circle Apartments are amazing--I actually cried when I left!

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