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DO NOT LIVE HERE! I know some people have bad experiences at different complexes, but Parkway Commons is just God awful. First off, when I moved in a little over a year ago, they lied about the entire unit. The staff member who was helping us was extremely rude and unhelpful. She showed us a model unit which was semi decent, for a good price, so that's why we had signed a lease. When we moved in, our entire unit was disgusting. Our fans were broken, outlets didnt work, and we only had one AC unit, when we were promised more. The maintence staff wont come to fix anything. You have to call and harass the main office for mulitple weeks about problems before anything is done. The landlord is the rudest woman I have ever met. She doesnt care about anyone living there and is only there to scam you out of your money. They lie about everything on your lease and try and suck you out of money even when you are trying to move out. If you don't notify them 60 days in advance to your lease ending, they will just keep charging you even if you don't live there. Trust me the place is run down, disgusting, and an unhealthy place to live. They are constantly having expterminators there spraying because the buildings are filled with cockroaches. The heat and hot water never work. There is garbage, throw up, and poop everywhere in the hallways. DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE IT IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD !

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