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Bankier Apartment Rentals
410 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820
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Bankier Apts. will scam you at every chance they get.
The way they have you pay rent is extremely confusing and not organized at all.
They have a bank account at Busey Bank and the only way to pay rent is to deposit the rent money directly into their bank account. The problem with this is how the hell do they know who paid rent for what building? They don't really, and here is my story.

I did exactly as directed by them, I even double and triple checked and went into the office to verify how rent gets paid. I pay my rent for the duration of my stay. After the lease ended I moved out west and went on with my life. 9 months after I moved out I get a phone call from Bankier, it's a lady who is saying that I still owe Bankier 650 dollars, even more than one months rent. I tell the lady that it is some kind of mistake because I paid my rent each month. After telling her that it is a mistake she begins to get an attitude with me, I tell her I am disputing the charges because they sare not legitimate, that she should double check her accounts and get back to me. A week later I get another phone call from Bankier apartments, this time they claim I owe them 900 and some odd dollars I forget the exact amount. I asked them what it is that I owe them this money for because that is a lot more than one months rent and the apartment was in fine condition when I moved out. The person from Bankier mumbled a little and told me to hold on, then she said she needed to find out some more information because she wasn't exactly sure what I owed the money for. Regardless she got an attitude at my questioning and demanded that I write them a check for the full amount immediately. I said I need to see an itemized receipt, a list of the things that I owe them money for. She said she will mail it to me, I give her my address and waited for the letter.

Upon receiving the letter, it was a huge joke. I asked for an itemized receipt and what I got was not that. At the top of the letter it was simply an account and a number... $1300.46... It did not describe why the $1300 was their or what I owed them $1300 for. I talked to the lady to dispute the charges and I dug through some files of mine and I found the deposit slips for the rent I paid for EVERY month I lived there. I told the lady I have the receipts for the rent but this didn't seem to matter. She demanded that I write them a check immediately and nothing else seemed to matter. She couldn't give any explanation of why the amount I owed kept jumping up, nor could she tell me what the bill was for anyway. Since then they have reported this to a collection agency and the credit bureau.

I cannot rent a nice apartment now as well as my credit was ----ed.

Bankier apartments are the biggest scammers that I have met. They WILL try and screw you if they think they can get away with it so hold on to your receipts boys and girls. But even if you do, it may not matter like in my case. They will simply come up with a number out of thin air and claim that you owe them that amount. They may even have a game where they spin a wheel to see how much money they will claim you owe them. DO NOT rent from such exploitative basterds. They know that young people don't have resources to fight the kind of BS that they throw at you and take advantage of it.

Last Updated: 04/29/12

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