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Garden Village Apartments
2000 N Mattis Ave, Champaign, IL 61821
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Most of the reviewers were dramatic, but I do understand where they are coming from.

When we first moved in, the problems were numerous. Mostly dealing with the neighbors. It was endless yelling, fighting and drug dealing. But over the past year it has really improved. The management has really tried to find ways to kick out most of the noisy losers. In my area now, its always real quiet. I believe they are still really trying to make it a better area than how it used to be.

To be honest, if you have to park in the small lots, your car probably will get bumped. The spots are MUCH too tight and leaves no room for idiots who don't know how to park. The larger lots on the other hand, not so bad. I recommend taking all the normal precautions to protect your car anyway, as you would everywhere. If you leave expensive items in your car...what do you expect to happen?!


This IS a major problem. At least in my place. The electrical/wiring is completely horrible and old. Out of 15 lights in my apartment, 12 have gone out at one point or another. It's gotten to the point were we wont replace all of them, the go out too much. When we first moved in, the light in the bathroom set it on fire. Yup, that was bad. We have also needed parts of the oven replaced. Not only that is a problem but also the fact that it takes some serious harrassing of the landlord until things get fixed. I've become quite skilled in this field. =)

It's only normal that people are going to find something wrong with the place no matter where they live, but Garden Village is NOT the ghetto. That's just completely rediculous. And its NOT that bad.

All in all, it can be pretty nice place to live.

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