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Lake Meadows
500 East 33rd Street, Chicago, IL 60616
8 User Responses
Manager Response

I have had lake Meadows experiences all my life. Friends, family, and co workers have lived there. Then my girlfriend, now wife, moved there after college. Altogether, we have spent 9 great years in the same building, each year upgrading to bigger apartments and better downtown views. We always ask, "are there no four bedrooms available?" Form the leasing staff to the building staff, our experience has been beyond stellar. Many young professionals have had their start in this very place. Thank you for allowing us to start our family in the Bronzeville neighborhood, the best area to live in Chicago!!
The Talley Family

hey "alwayswright," your post is basically anonymous too. your username alone doesn't provide your identity or a way to contact you. i find your reply suspect. you are probably Rashad Talley (http://www.google.com/profiles/rashadtalley), the guy who wrote the review.
I find all the anonymous negative responses suspect. Why aren't you using your usernames? What are you afraid of. Management did coherce me into writng this.
07/21/10Manager Response
Dear Talley Family, We thank you for your comment. We appreciate you, our resident! Thank you again for your continued residency! Sincerely, Lake Meadows Management
"each year upgrading to bigger apartments" If you upgrade in LM, you cannot get renew incentives, plus you have to pay additional security deposits. Can't believe you are doing this each year and still enjoy it!
Rashad Talley and family, how many months of free rent did lake meadows offer you to post this review? You say all of your experiences over the past 9 years with the staff at lake meadows have been stellar? I doubt it. You say you always ask, "are there no four bedrooms available." I ask, "isn't this a crock of ----"?
this post is fishy...no one gives their name and e-mail address whether they give a good or bad rating. management must have contacted the talley family and given them an incentive to post this.
So WHAT makes it a great place? Your overly enthusiastic generic post doesn't provide any information, details, or examples to back this up.
BEWARE: Draper and Kramer, the owner/management company has directed the management at both Lake Meadows and Prairie Shores to make up and post phony reviews as well as to find residents and offer them a few free months rent to post good reviews along with their names and e-mail addresses. Take a look at the recent reviews for Prairie Shores and you'll notice this too.
You always ask "Are there no four bedrooms available?" LMAO, what a bunch of ----!

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