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Lake Meadows
500 East 33rd Street, Chicago, IL 60616
2 User Responses
Manager Response

First off I would like to say I am not to pleased with lake meadows apartments. I have a problem when on occasional days here in Chicago it is frigid cold there is no heat, called and complained about heat not working numerous times because it works when it wants to, overall they get an F on this because in an apartment building with plenty of residents there is not a time where heat should not be working. My other problem here at lake meadows is the very very bad roach infestation here, I came from another apt complex where this was never a problem not one hint of a roach never had roaches in any apt complex until I came here. Now as I move out I have to make sure I wash all of my clothes because of the rampant roach problem. I also had to put roach traps and keep numerous cans of roach spray just to try and control the problem they claim they send a pest control specialist to spray the building but that is not working, so I would like to say lake meadows or Draper & Kramer who I might add is a multi million dollar corp stop wasting your money on pest control and get some pest elimination, I know a company who might I add that I work for who guarentees there work you may want to call them. Also there were numerous times where trash and or liquids were by the trash room where numerous roaches would enter my apt, thinking the building services would come and clean up the mess and clean the carpet it was never done. I would say stay at this apt at your own risk if you want subpar amenities, no ac without extra charge, roaches and whatever other rodent they have here, and high rent for pretty much nothing in return stay here but if you do not care for any of these things I would say stay away because this place is by far the worst apt complex I have ever stayed in.

Residents should not have to constantly beg the manager to adequately maintain this apartment complex!
03/16/11Manager Response
Dear Resident, Please contact your Building Manager regarding your concerns. We are here to assist you. Regards, Lake Meadows Management
The heat cutting off every few days and staying off at night when temperatures drop has been the most aggravating thing about living here for me. Lake Meadows could rectify this very easily. They have a computer system that is supposed to sense when it's warm enough for the heat to shut off (sort of like what a thermostat does) and cold enough for it to be on. The problem is that the computer system is not compatible at all with the old radiator heating system here and doesn't work properly. To avoid the heat in some apartments shutting off at times and leaving those residents cold and uncomfortable, all Lake Meadows needs to do is disable the computer system and just leave the heat on for the entire winter. It's really as simple as that. This would allow individual residents to shut off the heat valve in their own apartments if they wanted to, but at least have the option to always receive heat during the winter months. Lake Meadows, of course, tries to save money by using the computerized on/off system, which is probably costing them more due to all of the service calls they get from residents reporting the problem of no heat. The bigger cost to them, of course, will be all of the people who decide not continue renting here through another winter.

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