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Pavilion Apartments
5441 North East River Road, Chicago, IL 60656
2 User Responses

I've lived at the Pavillion for a for almost seven years, primarily due to its convenience of location and for me it's reasonably priced. The apartments DO need serious updates. The buildings are from the 70's. When I first moved in, I definitely felt safe and secure in my building and really felt quite happy with the place. Over the years though, that opinion has come and gone and I think a lot of that has had to do with the changing faces of management, security and residents. The workout facility is well supplied, the convenience store is nice, but overpriced (And yes, it's true that there was a killing in the store) The criminal element comes and goes. It doesn't bother me to pay 50cents to receive a package because I understand that it's a private business (separate from the Pavillion management) that is responsible for receiving and securing packages. I can remember the haphazard system they had before where packages were kept in a closet in the office and they could never find your package. There is a huge variety of people living in the complex, which is good and bad. There are families living here, there are single professionals living here, there are students and pretty much any other group that you can think of. The problem I've noticed over the years is that the quality of people that management rents to fluctuates over the years. This place has a lot of turnover as far as residents, some people don't stay for more than a few months. The quality of your neighbors is highly variable. Some years I've definitely felt as if I was living among gang members who seemed to be always having loud arguments in the parking lot late at night. Past few years, it's been relatively quiet for me. A friend of mine used to work in management here and said that families were generally moved to one area and single people to another, so I'm guessing if you live in one part of the complex your experience may be completely different from someone else's. Right now, the noise seems under control, the security is ok, I don't notice any people hanging out trying to get in. The parking situation still sucks, too many people without stickers using up space. I don't have any problems with noisy neighbors or feeling unsafe if I do my laundry in the middle of the night. Maintenance is timely, although I think a couple of times when I called the office the message never got through to the maintenance staff. The place seems to be going on an upswing right now after a definite down period. I think it's a good place to live, but it really does depend on which building and sometimes on which floor you end up on.

Hello is there gang members living there because I'm thinking of moving in and wouldn't want that. How is the living conditions and the ethnic or race? Please respond to larry.driver@amwins.com
I am considering looking at apts here and wondered if you can expound upon the parking? What do you mean it sucks? Parking is really important to me. HOW do people get in to park that don't live there? What about the pools and security? Gang members??? Why do you still live there? How long has the new management been there and has is made a difference?

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