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Willow Dayton Apartments
1802 North Halsted, Chicago, IL 60614
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I loved living in this neighborhood - great restaurants, good shopping, public transportation nearby - but my experiences with the current East Lake Property Manager Laura Kaplan drove me to look for a new place. She is one of the most unreasonable people I have ever dealt with and totally unprofessional. I have never had a pleasant conversation with her... she is rude, accusatory and has flat out lied to me on numerous occasions. After she learned that I was moving out (3 months in advance by the way), the East Lake Property Manager left a ridiculous message on my cell phone saying this was a red flag and all sorts of nonsense that made absolutely no sense. The next day, I received a voicemail from one of her staff members while I was at work saying that they d be showing my apartment in the next 15-20 minutes. We had no advance warning and my roommate at the time hadn t even decided if she was moving out yet.

I was a good tenant a Willow Dayton clean, paid my rent on time, and alerted management well in advance that I would not be signing on for a third year and was treated like garbage. Do not live here unless East Lake brings in a new property manager.

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