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Sunrise Apartments
1817 S 9th St, Mattoon, IL 61938
1 User Response

I have lived here for over 3 years. The apartments themselves are quite nice. Bathrooms & kitchens have been completely redone. Since the female manager has left & went somewhere else, things have been QUITE different. There is a new manager & lots of new staff. My child has had trouble playing outside with kids on numerous occasions. There are some violent, filthy mouthed youngsters out here. I have heard teen boys sexually harassing female visitors, hear lots of fights, lots of music noise both inside & outside of the apartments... All kinds of craziness that I could deal without. You can file complaints all you want about disrespectful neighbors & there is no resolution. I don't care to hear my neighbors yelling at eachother, doing the deed, stomping, throwing things, saying rude comments to me, having company outside all hours of the night, standing in the hallway on their cell phones, knocking on my door to use my phone at 3am... Last fall there was a shootout between the police & a man attempting suicide. How lovely is that? This year there were some thefts from some vehicles in the parking lot. I have had someone threaten me & call me names. A neighbor has been threatened that another tenant was going to slash her tires. Vehicles get hit & nothing gets done about it. Nice apartment, not so nice everything else.

She is very correct, on alot of things complaint forms are useless. Diff manager butnot too much diff from the first both incompetent and dont do thier jobs correctly! HUD hires anyone who will takethe job!

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