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Timber Creek Apartments
3421 Foxboro Drive, Woodridge, IL 60517
1 User Response

I've been here for about 2 years now, and it was okay at the beginning... but now it's not that good...
I've dealt with a drug dealing neighbor (and yes, I saw him doing it, repeatedly), fire alarms going of on a monthly basis, the paper thin walls, leaky sliding doors, falling apart stoves, and insanely high electric bills! The apartments have all sliding doors, which sounds nice at first, but... be warned! The sliding doors are not sealed well at all (my last couple months electric bills have been damn near $200 each! and I only have the heater set at 66!). Also, the washer and dryers: there are only 4 sets for a building with about 40 apartments, and I've spoken with other people from other buildings that use our laundry room because theirs isn't in service. And to top that off... the machines are horrible, none of the dryers actually dry (my clothes are still wet (not damp!) when I pull them out, and the washers don't empty totally and there is constantly a build up of previously used detergents in it. I even got a rash and my clothes smelled funny. I use the laundrymat down the street now. Parking is bad, but we've made a game out of it to deal with it. They NEVER salt the pavement, I've slipped several times on the ice that builds up under the snow. And oddly... I've never had cold water from the kitchen faucet... I let the office know and they never did anything about it...
Now for the positives:
Really reasonable rent prices, the woman in the office is very helpful and easy to work with (even though the actual manager is a total ---...), the maintenance is AMAZING! They are always there within 24 hours of a reported problem, they are courteous, efficient and friendly!
This is a good starter apartment or in-between apartment, but not one to stay in too long...

I don't know about your electric bill but our average bill is $70 to $85. Of course we use fans more than the air. I have has little trouble with our sliding door, and I am happy with the way the maintenence salts and shovels. I looked at another complex before moving here, and two days AFTER a snow, they hadn't done much shoveling, especially on the sidewalks; which is one reason we chose this place. I NEVER use the washers here, I go to the laundermat on Janes & 83rd,,,it's cheaper. I had two sweaters stolen from here right after we moved in. One thing I have to agree with is the lack of hot water in the kitchen,

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