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My 3 years were bitter sweet at Carmel Landing. The 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment is definitely overpriced...considering how small it is. The office staff "acts" friendly...but it seemed to be a very "fake friendly." Whenever I saw any of the staff out on the property I would usually give a friendly wave...rarely did they ever wave back.
Beware of being "nickel and dimed" to death also. They passed out a survey informing residents they may install security alarms in all apartments and all residents would be required to pay up to an extra $20 a month if these are installed. They now require residents to carry a certain amount of renters insurance. I do have renters insurance so this is not a problem for me...but for those who do not have it...you will be REQUIRED to have insurance in order to live here.
I had numerous gas leaks (at least 8 or 9 in the 3 years I lived there) I called the maintenance staff and they normally found nothing...but when the gas company came out (Vectren) they found a leak every time. After my last report of gas, the maintenance staff went through the usual routine and found nothing. Vectren came out and found a leak and actually "red tagged" my apartment and turned the gas off. The next day maintenance turned the gas back on and said nothing was wrong. That afternoon another resident became sick due to gas and called 911. The fire department responded with 8 firemen going through the apartments. They narrowed it down to 4 apartments in the same building leaking gas. They did have someone come out that night and replace the faulty parts and fix the leak. I'll give Chad (property GM) credit, he did keep me informed throughout the entire process.
I was informed by the maintenance staff and the property general manager on several previous gas complaints that I was just smelling exhaust from the forklifts across the way at Menards.
The grounds look nice...as long as you live by the entrance or office. If you live elsewhere on the property...get use to trash in the parking lot, trash blowing around, broken glass in the parking lot, numerous piles of dog waste around the property, and old junk cars sitting in a parking space being used for extra storage. Snow and ice removal is non-existent. I have slipped and fell on ice and snow numerous times. Last year during the ice storm, after calling the office numerous times inquiring about the lack of snow and ice removal, the general manager told me they were out of salt. I suggested some good old fashioned "manual labor" with a shovel to remove the snow and ice. I was told they didn't have the time to do that. The one good thing is the location. Cool Creek park is directly across the street...you can walk there. It is also close to numerous restaurants: Chili's, Applebees, TGI Fridays, Don Pablos, Steak N Shake, White Castle, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Papa Johns, Arbys, Chick-Fil-A, and other numerous eateries. Target and Wal-Mart are also really conveniently located. For those movie buffs out there, there is a Regal Movie Theater and Blockbuster Video also conveniently located.
One final note, when I first looked at the property I was given a written quote by Amy. I went in the very next day to put down my deposit and Amy told me she "misquoted" the price and she attempted to charge me about $50 higher than her written quote. After talking with the manager and showing him the paperwork Amy gave me, he reluctantly gave me the apartment for the written price. After moving out, I received a letter saying I would get my deposit back within 30 days. After 5 weeks I had not received it. I placed a call to the property manager and he said he would look into it. The next day he left me a message saying there was a problem with the zip code and the check had been sent back to them. He said they would send the check back out. After about a week, I finally received my deposit refund. So, it seemed like there was always some sort of problem with Carmel Landing. It started before I moved in and continued even after I moved out.

Dear Indymovieman, Thank you for your honest feedback on our community. I sincerely apologize for any shortcomings regarding your service and quality of care at our community. We are always working to improve the experience that our residents receive while making their home with us, and we will work diligently as to not repeat some of the concerns you had while living with us. Resident satisfaction has always been, and will continue to be our number one priority at Carmel Landing. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, sir! I appreciate the time you called us home, am grateful for your patronage, and would invite you to come back if the need ever arose so that we can better demonstrate to you our committment to resident satisfaction. Regards, Chad Gilford, CAM, CAPS Property Manager