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Cloverdale Heights Apartments
2025 Clover Drive, Crawfordsville, IN 47933
2 User Responses

I've lived in a few apartments throughout the years and this one is alright, I suppose.
My neighbors are a whole other story. They're loud and rude. The neighbor once knocked on my door at eleven at night to ask me who was parked in her parking spot. (Which I had no idea.) When I moved in, they told me my neighbors were quiet and kind. I guess they'd say anything to get me to pay the deposit.
A month into my living there my refrigerator broke and went unfixed claiming "It'll be fine." My garbage disposal leak was caused by "Something the occupant spilled under the sink." Which isn't the case at all.
The routine inspections are often and somewhat annoying. They inspect every three months or so.
Expired plates on a car in front of my own apartment caused a nasty note on my door saying "If the plates aren't updated in a week, your car will be towed."

Needless to say, when my lease is up, I will be living somewhere else.

----- was friendly when i met her but i guess i will have to re think about renting apartment here..Any other suggestions for rental apartment for a family?
I agree it is rediculous,so many malfunction's with the inner apartment went untreated and I was charged for the problem's the previous tenant's and the maintenance staff was responsible for I to will be living elsewhere I don't even mind breaking my lease to do it I cant take the ------------ anymore and I have asked other nearby apartmen't about their inspection pollicie's and none agree with the every 3 mo inspection's invasion of privacy-and yes she[-----] does seem nice when you pay that deposit after that they are blood sucker's !

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