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Cloverdale Heights Apartments
2025 Clover Drive, Crawfordsville, IN 47933
1 User Response

Cloverdale heights apartments themselves are not bad, the people who run them are horrific Diane Cooksey is a tyrant to rent from they are along the line's of comunistic,she will make your life a living hell as other apartment's go such as waterford,shady knoll-Diane at cloverdale will rape you of your privacy,create ficticious reason's to overcharge for anything she herself is responsible for,she told me when I moved in it was a safe place for my children and behold a sex offender live's 2 door's down from me,she discriminate's against the people in use of HUD and she will continually ask you who you have entering your home where they are from and told me if I WAS GOING TO HAVE COMPANY THEY MUST SHOW IDENTIFICATION AT THE OFFICE PRIOR?????? sorry mom and dad you can't come over for thanksgiving unless you show valid ID'S at the office?????? Crazy!I would recommend LOOK ELSEWHERE for an apartment these people are an infection to American society-thank you from a future X cloverdale renter

Thanks for the review?Can you suggest any other good places for a small family to move in?Any good comments if you have heard for other apartments or if you have good experience staying anywhere else,please let me know.

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