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The Mansards Apartments
1818 N. Mansard Blvd, Griffith, IN 46319
7 User Responses

I lived in the Mansards for 3 years. The aprtment complex is not the same. The rent went up every year $40. I am unsure as to who is allowing some of the people to move in. The crime rate has gone up and at 7pm they lock the place down where you have to come in and out one place. This procedure does not really stop anything because they let everybody in anyway. Also, beware of all the hidden fees they have for rent and when you move out. I moved in July and I was actually hospitalized could not pay the rent on time, so they charged a late fee and $200 fee if paid after the 15th. I showed them hospital papers and they still wanted me to pay all that money. I had my air conditioning unit flood 2-3 times in my unit. They do not come around and check the furnaces by changing the filters. If you want to transfer you have to pay $200 and then apply all over again. I think this was the worst decision I ever made to live here. I just wanted to post this to warn people of this place and share my experience. Also, they have so called discounted electric and gas, if you do not use any gas you still have to pay a portion of the complex gas bill. Which means if you go out of town or do not cook you will still have $60-$85 gas bill depending on how much the complex uses and your square footage. It's crazy. They have lots of hidden money agendas.

Many of the reviews as a whole are written by the staff how do you think the Mansards got all the way up to a 50% rating and if you'll notice most of the 5 ratings came all in row,amazing huh. Let me quote one of these reply's you got " management was well within their rights to charge you for it" Why they may have been within their rights :P they did not have to.They just should hope for there sakes on judgment day when the person or persons you dealt with are standing in front of the Lord and he is deciding what to do with them he will say "What so ever you did to the least of my people that I will do until you because that, is what you did unto me. I told you this in the Bible and frankly I am well within my rights!
ive been living at the mansards for 6 months now and i love it here. the only complaint i have is that the machines in the laundry room keep breaking down and they are slow to fix them. so ive been going to the 24 hr. laundry on the next block to do my wash. its actually better that way cuz i can use all the machines i want and get done faster verses only having the 3 machines at home.i find the staff friendly and they come out to fix any problem i have in my unit pretty fast.and since i workk nights, i find comfort and security in knowing that there is always a cop driving around in the complex.i also like the quiet and the schools are great if you have kids.its by far the best apartment ive ever had in all my years of renting. im happy here.
These responses evidently are written by employees working there. That is why they remain anonymous. They are not fooling me. ;>)
So you are saying a person has to get sick on a specific date? Illiness is not predictable fool! You should be ashamed of youself for even thinking that way. I too, think anonymous is an employee, because anyone else would not come up with a remark like that! SHAME ON YOU
i have to say this to the person who went to the hospital knowing that rent is due on the first not the fifth! so as stated in your lease and with any other landlord you've rented from in the past rent is due on the first not the second third or the fifth!!!!!! you dont work for free,if you are late they doc your pay right the mortgage and taxes are due at a certain time so is the rent if you dont like it go and buy a home and see how those banks treat LATE PAYER'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Firstly, a late fee is not a "hidden" fee. You were legitimately late on the rent, and as unfair as it may seem, management was well within their rights to charge you for it. Secondly, a raise in rent is not exclusive to the Mansards complex. It is a given that while renting you will have to deal with rising costs. Thirdly, the discounted electric/gas issue doesn't seem fair, but is completely explained upfront BEFORE you rent so it's not a "hidden money agenda". If anyone has a problem with that, they should not have signed a lease at the Mansards. And finally, my biggest pet peeve with reviews and posts like these is the overused, trite cliche of "the crime rate has gone up". As was mentioned in a previous review, the crime rate at this complex is not high and is not rising. A 5-minute conversation with a lieutenant at the Griffith Police Department will dispel this ridiculous rumor. Also, I think it is a great idea to close the complex entrances at a certain time to keep the flow of traffic down. The men at the gate don't just let anyone in. They get to know the cars and faces of the residents pretty quickly. If you are not a resident and voice a legitimate reason for visiting, yes, you will be allowed to enter. It is not a perfect method of security, however, it can serve as deterrent. One more thing, I am most definitely NOT an employee of the Mansards. I am just a relatively satisfied resident of the community who has lived here for about six months. So far I only have three complaints about this place: 1) some residents have a problem with dropping garbage and not cleaning up after themselves, 2) some residents are too lazy to put their garbage INSIDE the very roomy garbage bins, instead choosing to drop it outside where the elements and animals can make a mess, and 3) calls about individual unit maintenance are not handled in a timely fashion. Edited to add: HAHAHA!! Remaining "anonymous" makes me an employee?? As if you are any less anonymous using your oh-so-revealing username of "kk92868".
I have to say that I was thrown by the $200.00 fee as well on the 15th and I was a jerk in the office when I came in and paid late, however I thought I would catch them lying, but when I reviewed my lease--IT WAS THERE!! I couldn't believe it, but now the more I think about it the more I realize that it is not just me paying late--it is like 50 people sometimes and the owner has to cover my part in rent on the mortgage payment as well as the other 49 people....now take an average of the rent at $750.00 and multiple it by 50 people--that is 37,500.00!!! I am sorry but if I was an owner I would have a clause too that would make it inconvenient for people to pay late and unfortunately the only thing that many of us renters understands is MONEY! Ther are over 1000 apartment here and more like 2500 people living here--the lease is the contract that balances out all rules that everyone has to follow. I also think that the lease is interesting because it outlines things that I wouldn't ever think about doing like running a business out of my apartment, but they must have had a pervious experience and decided to put a cluse in the lease protecting them against a business being here other than the office. Also I personally like the fact that all of the gates are locked at night and I like the people who are checking resident cards as you come in. I think it is important that this system stay in place because even if you don't think they are doing their job right or that you could do it better...the people who want to engage in crimes don't see it that way--they look at it as someone is always watching and already saw their face and car so they better be good. They also have the police here patrolling the lots. THey help keep out parking lot clean of abaondoned cars, inform the curfue for minors and break up loitering. The more I think about it I think the managment is trying to do their best with managing a HUGE complex and they may not have everything down perfect, but they are trying!

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