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Lawrence Landing Apartments
6875 Faris Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46226
2 User Responses
Manager Response

I have lived in this community for over 4 years. It is absolutely wonderful what I have seen happening!!! I am so happy that FINALLY someone has made a good change for these apartments. I even went online to look up the new owners called Towneproperties.com. They seem to be a good company. I have seen them do so much work here! My friend moved here and I peeked into her apartment, and they have put in brand new carpet and flooring, windows, doors, the kitchens and the bathrooms are new too! I really feel better living here now.

many apartments may content Bed Bugs I have only live here for 3months and its bad. We knew after a week that something was bitting us we sprayed and bombed and sprayed and bombed nothing works im ready to just get my kids and leave now leave EVERTYTHING behind they can keep there bugs. I Never had a bed problem BEFORE I moved here. Neighbors tell me they have the same problem....
07/06/12Manager Response
Hi Ms. Tellmore, Thank you for your positive comments! Our team has been working hard to make Lawrence Landing a place where you can life life better! We're glad you've continued to call Lawrence Landing 'home' and hope you will continue to do so for a good long time!
I'm looking to move to an apartment with my boyfriend. We both work near here. Is this a safe place to live? This is our first apartment...and it's kinda scary. I don't really want to move to Indy because of the crime rates, so I need to make sure this is a safe place to live.

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