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Madison Village
1819 Madison Village Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46227
3 User Responses

I lived in a townhome and this place has really bad "bads", but also good.

Good: usually pretty quiet around the townhomes unless you have to listen to people blast their music in their cars at midnight over at the apartments, nice kitchen, maintainence was always really quick when I called and replaced things fast that need to be and are very friendly (not creepers like my old apartment), they allow breeds that 99% of other complexes won't let you have because they have a stupid stigma attached to their names.. as long as they don't cause any problems, they keep up the townhomes nicely, the fenced in back patio is a huge plus

Bad: FLOODS WHEN IT RAINS! I had our townhome flood 3 times in 4 months from the back door all the way through almost to the front door so keep stuff off the floor that can be damaged, the front and back door let in a BAD draft so heating bill gets kinda high in the winter, buildings are a little old (could use some remodeling), people park in your parking space even though it is CLEARLY labeled so carrying groceries can be a -----, charge you 200$ deposit for pets and then charge monthly fee for pets (what is the 200 for then??), WORST PART! since rent got lowered for the special to try to fill apartments the whole complex became TRASHY! People who moved in are loud, dirty (trash the outside and make the complex look horrible), and just wayy ghetto. It was a really nice, quiet complex when I moved in until they lowered rent. The office staff are ok. They are always very nice to your face, but don't be fooled. As soon as you walk out they will talk to your neighbors behind your back about how stupid you are (believe me, two of my neighbors told me) not exactly how you want to be treated when your money is what pays their paychecks!

Other than that I really don't have any complaints. It was a good place to live for the money.

Lol loved your review..finally someone besides the mgr posting reviews on here! I would say, though, that the buildings are more than a "little" old. Try falling apart. And trashy ppl is an understatement. Yes the maint. pple are nice and quick also, which is surprising!
What you say is true, and I always read these reviews with a grain of salt. However, I think you do yourself more harm than good by responding to a negative review like this. You did not address any of the concerns raised by the poster, you only insinuated that they're disgruntles and therefore lying. What am I to take away from that? Moving on...
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