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Westbury Court Apartments
7747 Santa Monica Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46268
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We haven't moved out of here (yet) but we plan to in 4 months, with that 6 month lease get out deal. I've lived in 7 states in multiple properties. This has to be hands down, the most dysfunctional, incompetent, worst place I have ever lived. And that's an understatement. When we saw the property we saw a two bed two bath for $797. (We saw the second floor style which is cheaper). We wanted to live on the first floor so we chose the $797 one. So, we gave our 30 days notice to our previous complex, made arrangements with utilities, moving company, etc.

The day before the move is supposed to happen we come to the Westbury Court leasing office to sign the lease. She's going over the terms and says, okay, and rent is agreed upon $843. We tell her that there must be some mistake, our rent is $797. She said, no you chose the biggest 2 floor 2 bed. I have her pull up the record when my roommate and I came to the property to look at apartments and low and behold, the record states we saw the upstairs version of the $797!! They of course apologize but say they can't do anything. We tell her we want the $843 apartment at $797 because it was their mistake. She lies and says they can't because of fair housing. (We consulted a lawyer, fair housing has nothing to do with that). So we agree to move in, we had no choice, we gave our 30 days notice, and the utilities were being shut off. They said when the apartment we wanted became available we could move into that and they would waive the transition fee. Damn right!

So we move in, and we live out of boxes for a month and give up. We call them and tell them to forget it, it's too inconvenient, we'll stay here. The apartment was nice. New paint, new carpet. Beat up microwave, unmowed lawn, and unfinished siding on the floors in the bathrooms and kitchen. The maint. apologized and said he'd be over to mow the lawn and finish the flooring. He finishes the flooring but we wait and wait for the lawn to be cut. We finally just do it ourselves and then get a letter the next day about us violating our lease because of our lawn. I called and they said to forget the letter, they're sorry and they'll have someone out to cut it.

As of this date, the lawn is still uncut, the guy never came back to replace the alarm, and they never came back with the frame to fix the microwave. In addition, while my guests and I were at the pool, the gate was locked with a bicycle chain. They lock it at night, open it in the morning. It was 2 PM. They lost the key and for several days that lock was on there. So if a kid had fallen, or another emergency, we would have to bang on the glass door, (because they locked it) and paramedics would have to go through the leasing office and the locked door. The maintenance are so rude, the girls are incompetent, they don't relay messages to the maint. There are even more things wrong with this place but I don't think I could fit 5 pages worth in this box. We're counting the days until we can move out of here. Please, please reconsider if you're thinking about moving here. It is NOT worth the headache. We regret moving here, every single day.

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