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The Addison Apartments on Main
220 Portsmouth Court, Mishawaka, IN 46545
1 User Response

I have lived in these apartments for about 6 years now. I moved from a one bedroom to a two bedroom a few times to try out different buildings. I agree that the upkeep was at a much higher quality when I first moved and then has slowly descended into a mini depression. I do feel badly for the maintenance staff because I can imagine that it is not their fault perhaps budget was cut and now a quarter of the former staff numbers have to deal with the entire property. That's guestimating as I only see maintenance out and about just fixing things 25% as frequently as I used to.
The fenced in patio is wonderful for a small dog when she has to potty in a hurry before you go to work, however I did wake up one morning and find I had no fence. All the fences in my court had been removed to be replaced with no forewarning that I noticed and they were not fully replaced for about 4 weeks (they only put in the posts and left them there to set for a month) I saw one guy working on them alone in the rain once. The addison has section 8 housing again so my neighbors move in and out frequently and care not at all about their home or the other neighbors. I believe the section 8 may be restricted to certain buildings so perhaps management can elaborate if this is still true. If I am going to pay a continuously increasing sum I would like to have some information on the place I'm living in as these changes occur. The past two years really have been the worst in terms of rent. They have moved to a shorter lease policy which is good for some but also the rent has gone up 35$ each time the lease was renewed, even tho maintenance has gone down hill. I had to shovel my own steps and a few parking spots which may make me sound spoiled but the reason I chose to pay a higher monthly rent price was because maintenance was supposed to take care of these things otherwise I would have gone for a house. The AC was out several times this summer. They did speed up their visit after my second call about it when I told them my animal was dying on the floor of heat stroke. The water heater and furnace both are also old like the AC and work when they feel like it.
It really is a shame that glick isn't putting more money into this community because it could really be a gem. Management is nice enough when you actually speak with them but realistically what can they do? Replace everyone's rickety old furnaces? Replace all the poorly insulated patio doors? Spend 5$ more on better thermostats that make sense? I bet the company would be very pleased with their expense report, and choose not to continue pushing the revolving door of management. I will not be renewing my lease.

Last Updated: 01/09/15
We rely on input from our residents to help us focus our efforts, and we're pleased to hear in this review about some of the things we're doing right. The fact that our community is pet-friendly, offers fenced patio areas, and is reasonably-priced are among the things that make us a top choice in the neighborhood. Our friendly and outgoing staff are another reason why our residents choose our community above others; and they do take great pride in keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice. That said, this resident certainly does seem to have been faced with some challenges; and we sincerely regret that due to the message being posted anonymously, we're unable to follow up on the specific concerns listed here to determine their merit. Please know that we do take feedback from our residents with the utmost seriousness; and if you're reading this review while your'e shopping for a new, reasonably-priced apartment home or one that will welcome your pet, we hope you won't allow one review to stand in the way of visiting personally, and giving us the opportunity to prove our commitment to quality, service, and the satisfaction of those who call our community their home. The Gene B Glick Company

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