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I have lived here for about 6 months now and can say that I am not happy. From what I hear and what I have read, this property is constantly going through new managers. It seems that he Sterling Group that owns the property give empty promises to the tenants and future tenants only to get more apartments rented. When I go into the office and try to speak to someone I get a blank stare or I am told that "we are trying to get to you service request as fast as we can." I am still waiting on the new exterior doors the property was supposed to get. When things are "fixed" in my apartment, they aren't fixed right. They are just rigged to work and then end up breaking again. Every door in my apartment has cracks in the jambs, and the doors don't close right. The maintenance men are either being over worked or don't know what they are doing. The trim in my apartment is all beat up and looks like a wheelchair was grinding up against it for years! There are a lot of kids here for my kids to play with, but most of the kids here seem to be a bit destructive and the property manager doesn't seem to really care. Covington Square built a really nice leasing office and has an awesome fitness center, but that is all it has. Honestly, if I wasn't in the need to find somewhere to move into quickly at the time, I definitely wouldn't have moved in here. I don't suggest anyone to try to move here. Completely not worth $1000 a month!

Interesting. $1000 seems high for this area. I hope you at least live in a three bedroom. A lot of people moved out boutut it seems theh just migrated down the atreet. Not thinking the riff raff went too far.

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