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Copper Beech Townhomes
2900 Snowdrop Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47906
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In short, maintenance is painfully slow because they are overextended, the office staff comes off as not caring about the tenants, and will sometimes not even look away from their computers when talking to you (lack interpersonal skills), parking is a disaster (there are more parking passes issued than parking spots), and the overall quality of buildings and all included appliances is very cheap. The place is a nightmare to live in, and I even read reviews like this before signing. I figured people were being dramatic, but I implore you to trust me, they aren't. If you care to know details on the subjects I listed above, read on.

I have much to say, so I'll begin with move in day.

My three roommates and myself had no problem getting into our apartment, however there were groups of people outside the office crying (literally, girls crying) because their places weren't ready. This was an early move in day, one week before the regular move in day. Everyone there had said they would be moving in this day though, so HOW HOW HOW do you NOT have the apartments ready? These people had driven from near and some very far with trucks loaded down with all their belongings and no where to put them. I grew fearful instantly that when I signed my lease I actually signed a deal with the -----.

We walked inside. Our common area toilet was just that, IN THE COMMON AREA. It was sitting in the middle of the kitchen leaking water on a piece of cardboard. Our dining room table was still in the box (I ended up putting it together myself). There was a gaping hole in our kitchen ceiling, and we went on to find out the dishwasher simply didn't clean dishes. We moved the toilet ourself, and it took over two weeks before maintenance came and hooked it up, and another month or so before they came again and fixed it so that it worked properly. We moved in at the end of July, and for the first week of August our AC was out. We called every day for five days, they told us maintenance was working on and that half the places AC's were out. If true, how does that even happen? We spent nearly a week of the hottest time of summer with no AC, but management says that is a luxury item and rent will not be reduced. The hole in our ceiling was patched in November, and our dishwasher was fixed in November. While there is a definite improvement in how clean the dishes come out since they weren't being cleaned at all before, it's still as cheap as a dishwasher comes.

They lie in the office about where the manager is. I was in there when the manager said to have the employee who answered the phone tell the person who called for him he was in a meeting or on a conference call. They truly do not care about the tenants. People would come in with complaints, and when they left I've heard staff grumble that they didn't fu*king care, etc., etc.

I want to clarify about the staff, the bus drivers are great guys, and the maintenance staff does work hard. Unfortunately, there are three of them, and way, WAY too many problems for three people to fix in a timely manner. After all, these three people are responsible for both properties of Baywater and Copper Beech. So usually any maintenance issue takes at least three weeks before being fixed.

PARKING is a complete disaster. You can of course have more people living in a place than bedrooms (i.e. 4 people in a 3 BR), and pay extra to get that extra person a parking pass. However, they issue more parking passes than they have parking spots. Recently there was a terrible winter storm, and while maintenance was great going around and helping people dig out of their spots, they have not shoveled any snow into their trucks and taken it away. This would be a priority if I ran an apartment complex, to ensure my tenants had places to park, but what do I know. There are quite a few spots in the already too small parking lot that are inaccessible due to the snow piles. I came back late from work (around 1 am) and I found ONE parking spot that was accessible. Sadly, it was below zero and this was on the other side of the complex. I realize that I made this decision to then park along a curb (about 8 other cars had done it) that was close to my unit. I was not blocking anyone in, and was not blocking a path to drive. Regardless, I realized while doing it that this was against the parking policy and liable to be towed under normal circumstances, but I just imagined that maybe the staff would have SOME common sense seeing as there are too many cars for the lot without all the snow, and allow this for the time being! I was sadly mistaken, and at 10 am my car was towed. Even as I walked inside my place after parking that night, I saw two or three other cars circling the lot for a spot. I imagine most of these cars got towed this morning simply because we did not have a parking spot to park in (one that we have paid for).

Internet. I have never had a problem with my internet speed personally, but I think I am one of the few. The office says it is through Comcast, but that is a lie. It is through Smithville Digital, so if you have problems, contact them and not Comcast. I heard constant complaints about internet not working while working in the office, even my roommates say their's is painfully slow. It is a single line with shared bandwidth throughout each unit, so do not let the phrase "Free High Speed Internet" fool you. However, as I said, I have not personally had a problem with it.

Electric. This was another lie from the get go. We were told it would be about $40-$50 a person in a 3 bedroom. During the summer while sparingly running AC, it was right around $40 a person, but that was splitting it four ways with extra roommate. Now during the winter, even splitting it four ways we are paying over $60 a month and we only have the heat at 69! The place is poorly insulated with paper thin walls, and the basement (my bedroom) is unbearably cold, and just walking down the stairs you can feel what I would say is a 5 degree difference. To get the basement suitable for life you would probably have to run the heat around 75 and pay $100 or a more a month for electric. Unfortunately, even running the heat at 69 makes the upstairs bedrooms unbearably hot. It's a lose lose situation.

I just ask you please, please don't let the size and low price of this place lure you in like it did my roommates and me. Go across the road to Campus Suites. I lived there, and while more expensive for a smaller space, it is worth it. You get what you pay for there. The maintenance and management are excellent all the way around. They provide great service and actually possess the interpersonal skills to make you seem like you're welcomed there and that they care about your needs.

Campus Suites > Copper Beech/Baywater
No contest

Last Updated: 02/09/11

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