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Colonial Gardens
8747 Broadmoor, Overland Park, KS 66212
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I first moved into a 1 bedroom with my 2 year old daughter because my husband and I were getting back together and since I had full custodity, he only needed 1 bedroom. From the moment I moved in the office staff was extremely rude to me, telling me my daughter and I needed to get out as we werent on the lease. We constantly had problems with our garbage disposal and dishwasher, and it was such a pain to get maintenence to come fix the problem. I've figured out if you call emergency maintenence after office hours your much more likely to get a problem fixed faster. The windows were extremely drafty causing our electric bill to be high. Nothing was done about this either. Long story short, my husband and I got pregnant with our second child within a month of me moving back in with him, and we went to the office saying we obviously need to move into a 2 bedroom apt. The leasing agent was nice about it, telling me we could have a move in special of $579 for the first six months on the lease. When my husband went in to sign the lease for the 2 bedroom the office manager told us we weren't getting the special price, as apt transfers don't receive specials. I argued and argued with the ----- stating I was told one thing and you can't really go back on what was previously agreed on. After about 20 minutes of arguing with this woman we finally received the special price but not before she made me feel like a complete piece of trash. We have since moved into the 2 bedroom and was a much cleaner, nicer apt, but again just this morning all our drains clogged and there is a horrible sewage stench stinking up our apt. When I called the office the lady acted like she couldn't hear me and actually hung up on me! I called 3 times before she said she'd 'put me on the list'. Other than that the only other problem I've had with the 2 bedroom is our neighbors upstairs have 2 dogs and they do not take care of them. Instead of taking them out they put them on their deck, and they are constantly pooping and peeing down on to our patio, my 2 year old daughter actually got peed on one time and again, the office seems unconcerned. They are very noisy, always throwing cigarette butts and trash on to our patio and it is NOT my job to pick up after them. It is ridiculous. Needless to say we will not be renewing our lease here again.

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