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Prairie Lake Apartments
6701 Lackman Road, Shawnee, KS 66217
3 User Responses

While this apartment complex looks pretty on the website, beware! We moved in on a Friday, changed the utilities to our name the following Monday, and were charged a fee for taking too long with the change. This was the first of several financial struggles that we have had with the company. Make sure that you watch your bill carefully as they will throw additional charges on. The most recent example I can give you of this has to do with the return of my deposit money, they took the last water bill out of my return despite the fact that I had already paid the bill. Also note that you can not break the lease for almost any reason, even death doesn't get you out of it. If all of this doesn't scare you away then maybe the mold will. The plumbing was some how messed up and resulted in a leak which cause mold to grow in our garage (we lived on the second floor with the garage below us). I guess you can always just hope that you don't get our old apartment, but theses apartment were put up so fast I doubt that any of them are much better. Also I would not recommend living in any of the apartments near Marsh because the trucks honk their horn when they pull in, even if it is 2AM. Lastly I would just like to add that we had a drug dealer living next to us (the complex would do nothing about this despite being told about it by many of our neighbors) and a pedophile living down the road.

I moved in about a year ago and I havent had any of these problems. But this post almost scared me away but I am glad I found out the truth for myself because I love it here and my kids are always outside playing!
Just a heads up I think you have the wrong complex. Prairie Lakes does not charge for water nor do we live by any street named Marsh. Prairie Lakes is located off 67th and Lackman in Shawnee, KS. Regarding any issues with criminal activity we are very thorough on our criminal back ground check. We check for felonies, sex offenders, and any reported terrorist activity.If any should appear on the report it is an automatic denial.If there is any worry of illegal activity occurring in your building you should contact the authorities so that they can further investigate any issues you find as a threat to your safety.
I have drug dealers living in my building also....they dont care they wont do anything about it despite all the kids that live there.

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