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Man-O-War Crossing
2845 Palumbo Drive, Lexington, KY 40509
1 User Response

I can't imagine people like living here. The apartment set up includes two sliding glass doors so the apartment stays cold. The walls as so thin and the set up allows for the neighbors voices to come through the vent system. I can hear my upstairs neighbor having phone conversations. The heating system is a joke. It's either blowing out suffocating hot air right in your face or it's not adequate to heat the place. The first night here we heard the neighbor upstairs having very loud sex. Thank god we don't have children. They doesn't fix anything in a timely manner. We had to put in 3 requests for one thing before it got fixed. Some things still aren't fixed. Like our thermostat. And the bathtub didn't even have a drain stopper. And the office people misplaced our rent money order two months in a row. We got a letter saying it was late until we went to the office and they "found" it. The worse part? BUGS! We had roaches from the moment we moved in and we have to spray. I have never lived in a place that doesn't spray every couple of months. No wonder our apartment had bugs. We can't wait to move!

I feel your pain! Im so glad i moved out of that dump. all my cloudy days are gone.

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