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La Fontenay Phase III
175 La Fontenay Drive, Louisville, KY 40223
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My girlfriend and I have lived here for a year now and we've had issue after issue after issue with the management. First we set up an appointment 7 months early to get a good price and ground floor apartment secured. We were told we would have a ground floor apartment ready for us for the negotiated price ($599 instead of $680) and a deposit of $250 just as advertised (with no "subject to change based on credit" note anywhere or ever told that). When then had to pay a $600 deposit at the last second because of our credit. When we came to sign the lease, there were no first floor apartments available and the management acted like we never said anything about it 7 months prior. We took our 2nd floor apartment and sacrificed not bringing our new propane grill since they aren't allowed on balconies. A few months later, my motorcycle and car had "intent to tow" notices on them because they were a month behind on the tags. I was pulled over and even the cop didn't give me that much grief about it. He didn't even write a ticket and just said take care of it. The office threatened again to tow because of my expired tags that has nothing to do with La Fontenay...that's between me and the law. When money was tight a few months later, we paid 6 days late and got a late charge. That's fine because we didn't have the money in time so a late charge is fair. Half a year later it happens again, only they decided to not only add the late charge of $67.50, but to delete our discount and add back the discounted rate at no notice. We're looking at an additional $130 because we're two days late after the grace period. Our request to replace a broken stove was answered a month and a half later also. Yesterday, we were given the run-around and told we can't use the communal grill at the pool without permission from someone that wasn't there even though I've seen several residents just wheel a cooler right up to it and grill away. The management is awful, maintenance workers are rude and never fix anything in a timely fashion, and the entire experience here has left a lot to be desired. Dealing with a rude staff that doesn't communicate with one another and decides to change their policies on the fly should never have to be an issue when you're spending the amount of money we are to live here.

Sounds like most of your problems are your own fault. Not management. I am almost sure your discount being revoked was in your lease. Like with most contracts if you pay late more than once you will have all discounts revoked. For example, when you have a credit card and pay late they have the right to change your interest rate. Most of your problems stem from being bad tenants.

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