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Mayflower Apartments

425 West Ormsby Avenue, Louisville, KY 40203
% Recommended
City Average

If you like incapable and rude management this is the place to be. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and may think mine is wrong. Constant bedbugs, roaches and filthy hallways. Manager is clueless and is always saying I will… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I've been here since July 2013 and I heard bad things about the place. I love living here it's to not far from downtown or UofL. It's an older building, so of course there will be maintenance issues, but the new… Full Review ▶


I highly, highly recommend you don't live here. Pros: Laundry room on-site, a few exercise machines in the building, staff is nice, great area Cons: My apartment when I moved in was filthy. I can't even explain how filthy it was.… Full Review ▶


The lease says "as of this time, this place is bed bug free"... LIE! My place was infested. I had to throw away my 700 dollar mattress. I saw mattresses by the dumpster weekly and also pest trucks frequently. It's supposed… Full Review ▶


Oh this place is ridiculous. I moved in july25th and I will be leaving at the end f the month. Bedbugs galore which was the fault of the tenant next door and they refuse to act properly. There are flies and… Full Review ▶


The Mayflower units provide you with more financial stability with providing you with a monthly rent that includes utilities. Any issues with your apartment and they'll find a solution to the problem. With many security guards residing here, you can feel… Full Review ▶


The Mayflower Apartments is my princess building. this is the best apartment ive ever lived in before. the security makes me feel safe. the landlord cares enough about my well being to make sure that i am always comfortable and that… Full Review ▶


I moved to the Mayflower in 2010. Here is an assessment of everything I've experienced in that time. Every apartment on my floor (other than mine, of course) has had a new resident since I've moved in, and I can't even… Full Review ▶


No Apt. Pix Cause Theyre So NASTY! I rented this apt last yr to go to UofL w/out seeing it first. Big MISTAKE!!! This place is so nasty, dirty, smells like wet dogs and pot and sweaty nasty old bums. Why… Full Review ▶


Roaches, BedBugs Everywhere. Ovens leak gas. Mold on walls, floors. Heat on high over 90 all year, no AC, no screens in windows, broken any way. Only one slow teeny elevator for 80 apts, and it goes out half the time.… Full Review ▶


just dont move here,its awful,the heat is turned off on weekends,we pay to much for this to happen,the elevator is out again,i have to walk up to the 8th floor.the stepts are dirty and the garbage is full on weekends. Full Review ▶


I have just moved into the mayflower earlier this month. It is wonderful! you get that love vintage feel, which i love! i have a one bedroom with the beautiful original hard wood floor, and 4 huge closets. Im a college… Full Review ▶


when I lived there, in 2007, I was the maintenance manager and night supervisor. on many occassions I spoke with the owner about serious issues, at that time there were bed bugs coming from one tenant, the boiler and heat exchanger… Full Review ▶


The apartment is full. Infested with bed bugs. Will keep your deposit. No maintenance. We had no hot water in bath for over 6 months told us it was hot. Leek under kitchen sink. The whose is lying to us about… Full Review ▶


I read the reviews on this website before I moved into the Mayflower six months ago. There were some good reviews, and some pretty bad ones as there are now. After reviewing the apartment I agreed to the lease because of… Full Review ▶


I have to tell you I love living at the Mayflower. I moved in July of last year and this place is great. I have a awesome view of downtown! I have a 1 bedroom that is huge. Two of my… Full Review ▶


I have lived at The Mayflower since June of last year. When I moved in it was decent. I had just moved from Baltimore with my company. The rate was very appealing becuase it included all the utilities. No extra bills… Full Review ▶


I lived in those dirty apartments for 6 weeks and it was one of the worse experiences I ever had, I don't know where to start honestly, the smell in that place stinks!! probably because there are more dogs there than… Full Review ▶


I stayed here for six months last year and enjoyed it for the most part. There were problems with the shower wall coming apart, missing blinds, and the place was pretty dirty when I moved in. However, the staff was actually… Full Review ▶


I moved into the Mayflower sometime ago, and found it to be a wonderful place to live. I moved out of state for a short while, and when I came back to Louisville, I moved back into the Mayflower. I just… Full Review ▶


I moved into a furnished apartment that I can only describe it as DISGUSTING. The apartment is abused and it is rented without basic fixing. The carpet is dirty and old. Window glasses are broken. Blinds are bad. Shower is bad.… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 715
11 $ 715
11.5 $ 955
21 $ 1191


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

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