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Phoenix Place Apartment Homes
510 South Shelby Street, Louisville, KY 40202
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I've lived here for three years and am about to move out to get a smaller place in the Highlands. Some thoughts:

1) Parking is good, especially for downtown, as there's plenty of it and lots of lighting. They pay cops to patrol the parking lots and I see them quite a bit. May make others feel uneasy; makes me feel safe.
2) The location is awesome. Close to downtown, the Highlands, and NuLu. I've never felt unsafe.
3) Neighbors have always been friendly, though I admit that I'm not home all that much and don't see them that often.
4) Management has been responsive, helpful and nice. They did jack our rent up a decent amount on the renewals but we had a ridiculously good deal before so I couldn't really complain.
5) I never went to the pool as I didn't feel like it was my crowd but it does look nice. Overrun with kids, loud, etc.
6) The grounds are really well-kept. It almost feels like you're living in a park and having greenery around is really pleasant.

My only complaints is that the area is a bit ghetto. I'm a tall, in-shape guy and in my three years here I've never felt even remotely in danger. That might be a different story if I was a female.

Overall, no real complaints. If the location doesn't bother you I'd say go for it. I've definitely had much worse.

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